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Political correctness is a mental deodorant.

During the last rise of Fordism, men and women clung to the conveyor belt became quite embarrassed and squeamish about knowing how each and everyone smells as an individual - someone may be menstruating, someone stinks like a goat, but we just don't want to know. Further down the track, when Fordism mass production/mass consumption model went further no more, it became obligatory to obfuscate not just each one biological olfactory information, but verbal channel of exchange as well. All due to to the last ditch attempt to increase the productivity/consumption. We just don't want to know what each and everyone thinks. It is as bad for productivity in tightly packed environment, as an underarm stench.

Potical correctness is not just an adornment of one’s thoughts, not the Eau de- Cologne with which a dandy squirts behind his ear. This is precisely to disguise the natural aroma of individual thought, so as not to catch who is who in the crowd, but to deal with the average smell of a public toilet well washed and sprinkled with flower essences.

Remember Gianni Rodari poem about how each trade smells? It ends with - "and only a loafer does not smell in any way."
Well, it's somewhere nearby. It seems like hard work is going on, manure of fat herds are being turned over by hooves, stocks are taking off and falling together with managers flying out of windows - but everywhere it smells of idle barren thought.

IgorRogov 5 Mar 6

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The problem with political correctness is that it presumes honesty is somehow distasteful and must be rejected as to allow for the implementation of what is in actuality truly distasteful.


Gotta accept, people would rather hear white lies than the dirty truth.

When we are young and learning, We hope to have someone in front us guiding us. But, they often fear tarnishing our innocence, leave out the real stuff and we find ourselves in deep poop, figuring it out on our own.

We may wish to have someone behind us covering our back —hey dudette, someone plastered a sign on your back saying, “slap me hard!” Or you have a big stain back there, etc. Do people tell you when you need to xyz ? Or are they more worried about the both of you being tooo embarrassed by it ?

If you heard the dirty truth, “girl, did you eat a few cloves of garlic this morning ?” Or “you need to shut up, stop aggressively selling yourself and listen” —do you think people have the guts to hear it and seriously consider it without aggressive defensiveness ?

People arent afraid to shoot their guns from a distance, but they sure are afraid to handle speaking gentle truths and taking them.

Thus, the pc deodorant, instead of the anti-perspirant of critical thinking and carefully composed “constructive” critique.


Political Correctness is literally Socially Acceptable Hypocrisy.
I was taught, brought up to believe, and strive to emulate, the pithy thought process of my “ancestors”...

“NOBODY Likes a Hypocrite.”


Political correctness was invented in some leftist think tank, as a way to silence opposition.
Speak up for what you know is right and wrong !
The greatest nation and best chance for freedom on earth depends on it.


I live in a society that reveres the worst of all possible smells, the god awful scent of Marxism and unfettered socialism at its worst and most putrid.


There's something brilliant going on here.

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