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Democratic strategist talks about Biden's deteriorating mental health: 'clearly not all there'...

Tell us something we didn't already know.

SpikeTalon 10 Mar 7

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Pedojoe is a time bomb. The dictatorship disease rots the brain, as the dictator no longer (or never) exercises the moral muscle, and the lack of strength in morality removes reason and logic, just as the lack of movement of limbs removes running or crafting.

The desperation is not simply palpable now, in the Marxist Party (hidden behind the false front and false flag of democracy: which is not so-called Majority Rule), the situation is as claimed by Thomas Paine, they (Marxist Treasonous Criminals) took enough rope to hang themselves.

Their only option now (the Marxists) is to dig faster into the hell of their own creation, and fewer, and fewer, Americans are stupid enough to dig with them.


I’m no psychologist and can’t say anything clinical. As a lay person, I’ll just say I think he’s lost his marbles.

That would suffice.

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