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Politics U.S:

Senate fails to move forward with coronavirus 'Phase 3' bill amid Dems' opposition.

Activist For Truth Says:

Typical Democrats playing politics with people's lives.


Activist4Truth 7 Mar 22

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I don't know about if this has anything to do with what is going on.
But looking though the tree line and see what's coming from it in full force?
It just makes so much sense to me that it scares the shit out of me because realities is just the things most people don't want or not interested to see.
Really, close your eyes and think.

Ok, the other way to look at it is.
How can the world free economy comes to a halt?
What does it takes to accomplish that?
Who or what entities is been trying to control the free minded economy for the past 100 years? Yes, really!
Now think, 90% of manufacturing business are told to close by 11.59 tonight.
Well, it's the same as believing in the global warming/change movement.
So, go to the tree line and don't trip over anything on the way there, and let yourself see.


Grab popcorn and watch Rick Wiles and Bob Coffee have a go at each other...



I agree. Democrats either ignorant of the common cold characteristic of COVID-19 - still no where near as deadly as the flu, or intentionally playing politics at the expense of the American economy. Thank God the Senate is showing some backbone.


It was a slush fund for corporations without the needed terms and assistance for workers and small businesses.

@BobCoffey1 Yeah let's just do what we did in 2008 again but even worse for ordinary people!

@BobCoffey1 I thought you thought this was all a hoax.

@BobCoffey1 "But what about Obama?" Some of us leftists can critique liberals, I know it's shocking. And yes a top-down bailout did get the economy going again despite the fact that the bottom-up policy that I had preferred would have worked just as well and helped more ordinary people.

@BobCoffey1 Such a simpleton you are.


Nothing new there, and the citizens need to remember this come November.

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