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808scotty 7 Apr 12

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Most cannot handle Freedom. Be Free was the watchword of the 60's and led to where we are today...Before then there were few child molesters, swat teams and Rap Criminal Culture.


Naw, I say agent orange the stuff as only the WEAK need it....

Thats why we have such unfair and unjust laws, you just demonstrated the reason we need freedom and not rule by the 51%


unfortunately in a modern social system almost everything has a victim according to some. If you smoke dope for example and the stench hits me on the street that takes away my freedom from Dope.

Walk away


" A liberal-tarian is a republican that likes to smoke dope"

Or do anything else that there is no victim, so no crime


We've had nothing to vote for here except bonafide nutcases.

Obviously never listened to the vid

@808scotty true I'll get around to it sometime tomorrow.

@808scotty I listened carefully to Adam's talk. Enough said.


With you on that.

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