Is this normal?
maxmaccc Monaco Nov 29 Nov 29 11
Gen. Thomas McInerney says US Special Forces attacked CIA server farm in Germany, 5 soldiers killed
ajhilder WA Nov 29 Nov 29 11
How to Easily Debunk Election Fraud Conspiracies...
AndrewInVail AZ Nov 25 Nov 25 11
The Georgia Guidestones And The Great Reset AlexJones TheGreatReset 🌐
RealAlexJones TX Nov 23 Nov 23 00
Florida’s Operation Stolen Innocence nets nearly 200 child sex trafficking arrests: Report Child sex trafficking has long been decried as a particularly heinous crime, and law enforcement agencies across the nation have recently devoted added ...
SeditioSumus70 IL Nov 20 Nov 20 00
Feeding a socialist.
guru Australia Nov 17 Nov 17 11
Jenna Ellis, Counsel to the President, has an updated, behind-the-scenes look at the election.
arjr KS Nov 15 Nov 15 00
Is it just predictive programming?:
CourseofEmpire Canada Nov 15 Nov 15 00
That moment when you realise there's only one person in the photo 🙂
Haraldson Nov 9 Nov 9 33
I have seen many Internet ads from The DNC and the Biden Campaign lately attacking The President on the economy. One such ad states that one in five businesses are shut down due to The Presidents economic policies without any mention of the Covid ...
Future4seen GA Oct 9 Oct 9 22
There will be no debates!!! On Sunday the 27th, the DNC will announce that Biden has COVID. They will offer Harris to debate Trump. Trump will say no, Biden is running for President, not Harris (wink wink). The Dems will then scream TRUMP IS AFRAID ...
farmerguy56 PA Sep 25 Sep 25 33
RealAlexJones TX Sep 13 Sep 13 00
Our efforts seem to be misplaced.
Haraldson Sep 6 Sep 6 22
New from the DNC! The Joe Biden Doll!
Javik2188 TX Aug 28 Aug 28 11
“Everyone should be able to do one card trick, tell two jokes, and recite three poems, in case they are ever trapped in an elevator.” ― Lemony Snicket, Horseradish: Bitter Truths You Can't Avoid
Krunoslav Croatia Aug 23 Aug 23 11
Police Make Second Arrest in Attack on 7-Year-Old Trump Supporter Outside of DNC Convention
RAZE AZ Aug 23 Aug 23 22
This is disturbing... Biden supporters attack seven year old boy outside DNC over his MAGA hat-
SpikeTalon PA Aug 22 Aug 22 11
‪Breaking ‘You are frauds. You are the lie’: Rose McGowan torches the DNC, calls Biden a rapist, inciting a horde of party defenders ‬
YellowPill Canada Aug 21 Aug 21 11
Waiting for something that will never come... After day three of the DNC, still no denunciation of riot violence-
SpikeTalon PA Aug 20 Aug 20 33
In Pennsylvania, Trump rips Biden ahead of final day at DNC-
SpikeTalon PA Aug 20 Aug 20 22
We wanted to prove that we could still hold an in-person event safely. We followed the rules of the MKE mandate. Our small businesses are facing dire economic challenges. Unlike the DNC, we felt it was important to not let them down. We can still do ...
Mythinformed WI Aug 19 Aug 19 00
5 minute vid from John Ward on 2nd day of the DNCcommunist national convention - best part at the very end. BTW did anyone know that OAC used her one minute alotment of time to endorse Bernie Sanders? LOL!!! and didn't the Communists/Dems spend ...
iThink KS Aug 19 Aug 19 00
So, in infinitely more interesting news than anything going on at the DNC; Laura Loomer just won her Florida primary!
DaisyCousens Australia Aug 18 Aug 18 55
PresidentTrump mocked Michelle Obama’s DNC speech, noting that it was pre-taped and extremely boring!
RealAlexJones TX Aug 18 Aug 18 11
DNC held fundraiser with corporate executives despite Biden's pledge to refuse money from lobbyists-
SpikeTalon PA Aug 13 Aug 13 33
White Supremacists Still Have a Safe Space Online
B1967 NY Aug 6 Aug 6 11
The DNC platform goal is to end the firearm industry... Presumed Democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden, called the firearm industry “the enemy” from the debate stage one year ago. Now, the rest of the party plans to follow ...
SpikeTalon PA July 31 Jul 31 11
LINK Republican Kasich Will Support Biden and Dems Think This Is a Win?? – Tony Odarg
TonyOdarg IN July 28 Jul 28 00
Stop being a Boomer in the Matrix. The '90s (let alone the '60s, '70s, and '80s) are a thing of the past and they're never coming back. Time to move forward, build community with like-minded people, stop wasting time with those who hold very ...
CourseofEmpire Canada July 27 Jul 27 44
About sums it up...
2peros CA July 23 Jul 23 11
LINK Kentucky Couple Put On HOUSE ARREST For Catching COVID, Given Ankle Bracelets By Cops - YouTube
chuck204 IN July 20 Jul 20 33
Conversations are much more honest and constructive in person. We look at cancel culture, it doesn’t benefit anyone. It isolates people from civil society. We hope that other events will still take place in Milwaukee during the DNC.
Mythinformed WI July 7 Jul 7 22
Thanks joined group today
utube3805 IL June 22 Jun 22 00
LINK Perspectives on the Pandemic | The (Undercover) Epicenter Nurse | Episode Nine - YouTube
BossSlug VA June 11 Jun 11 11
Two things i noticed in peoples responses to everything going on right now surrounding the issue of hypocrisy. Its fine toncall out hypocrisy but maybe you should understand the original issue first. Being fewrful of a police state for covid and ...
Joehlert11 PA June 3 Jun 3 11
A Richmond, VA Reader Says Black Lives Matter Is Celebrating The Latest Riots By Desecrating Confederate Monuments
VDARE CT May 31 May 31 00
My 12 year old cactus starting to flower for the first time.
Understanding UK May 30 May 30 11
Hi all. Nice group, seem to hold a positive mindset PS iam a 36 year old incel from Germany (kickban...)
GermanGrunt May 29 May 29 66
The other epidemy
RemiDallaire Canada May 16 May 16 00
'Future Shock' is a documentary film based on the book written in 1970 by sociologist and futurist Alvin Toffler. Released in 1972, with a cigar-chomping Orson Welles as on-screen narrator, this piece of futurism is darkly dystopian and oozing ...
kresica Croatia May 14 May 14 33
Look at our boy being critiqued by professional violinists
NateJ NY May 1 May 1 00
Clearview AI source code, facial recognition apps, data exposed...
SpikeTalon PA Apr 21 Apr 21 00
Cures for Coronavirus Will Come From Private Sector, Not International Bureaucracies. James M. Roberts / @JamesMRoberts3 / April 21, 2020.
TimTuolomne CO Apr 21 Apr 21 11
Why first time gun buyers chose now to arm themselves-
SpikeTalon PA Apr 20 Apr 20 00
Why these guys should never get the Presidency back: DNC spreading lies and ChiCom propaganda-
SpikeTalon PA Apr 19 Apr 19 11
President Trump reaches out to Sanders supporters: 'This ended just like the Democrats & the DNC wanted'-
SpikeTalon PA Apr 8 Apr 8 22
Biden is the suicide bomber of the DNC. His life and reputation is sacrificed for power.
SupraLibrix ME Apr 7 Apr 7 00
Coronavirus deaths top 4,000 in US, surpass China
RAZE AZ Apr 1 Apr 1 22
Politifact determined to cover Biden's confiscation desires... Former Vice President Joe Biden is the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination right now. He’s been there before but couldn’t hold onto it. Now, though, the ...
SpikeTalon PA Mar 25 Mar 25 00
Tulsi is the best candidate for the DNC but is being pushed aside, wonder why?
808scotty HI Mar 13 Mar 13 22
ABC'S David Wright admits network doesn't care about news...
SpikeTalon PA Feb 26 Feb 26 00
Bloomberg is an entitled asshole who couldn't pull his head out of his ass with both hands
808scotty HI Feb 17 Feb 17 55
DNC Chair Tom Perez calls for recanvassing of Iowa caucuses...
SpikeTalon PA Feb 6 Feb 6 11
The Mainstream Media Mogul with the former Number 1 show on primetime television, Donald Trump orchestrated the greatest plan among his fellow travellers in the television industry to scour his past, unceasingly vetting him, playing his foil, even ...
Facci NY Feb 1 Feb 1 66
Carter Page sues DNC for defamation following bogus campaign to tar him as a Russian agent...
SpikeTalon PA Jan 30 Jan 30 22
LINK Emails Show Relationship Between John Harwood and Clinton Camp
Xtra WA Jan 4 Jan 4 00
LINK Liars Club – Fusion GPS Glenn Simpson Claims He was Tricked by Russian Operative Natalia Veselnitskaya… | The Last Refuge
dd54 HI Nov 24 Nov 24 00
LINK San Francisco Homeless Population Is Reportedly Double What We Thought | Top Stories | NewsRadio KFBK
dd54 HI Nov 23 Nov 23 00
Retired history teacher. Taught my students the importance of both the Reformation and the Enlightenment for the advances of both political and economic freedoms. From Texas. Was in the U.S. military in the 70's when I saw the insanity of Socialism.
Texasgardener TX Nov 22 Nov 22 11
I like the way you can change things here without a passport and signed in triplicate :-)
chrisyt June 8 Jun 8 00
Good Democrats from Kansas Fred Phelps and Fred Phelps Jr. Shocked DineshDSouza missed this one: Lot of lefties here, they called a libertarian Conservative: … ourcampaigns dnc democrat
GZLFB Apr 21 Apr 21 11
POLL I found this floating around on the internet today; a brief synopsis of events over the past few years. Anyone care to comment, add your observations below, and as always, be objective... "The DNC rigs the Democratic Primary Election ...
Littlerock TN Apr 19 Apr 19 1717
LINK Redacted Mueller Report
SpaceWillie2000 AK Apr 19 Apr 19 55
So the sellout Michael Moore is now slamming Nancy Pelosi for her white privlage and backing AOC. Who else thinks he should stfu? After bending the knee to Hilary and the dnc he wants to back a socialist. Maybe he can start with the redistribution of...
Mmeola84 MD Apr 17 Apr 17 00
Gender discussion in schools
DOWNEYA82 UK Apr 15 Apr 15 1616
Would we know that the DNC cheated Bernie without Assange?
M1TMC NC Apr 11 Apr 11 00
If I ran the DNC or RNC this would worry me very much. What do you think causes this? Is it the same factors for both parties?
Chip_Cook KS Apr 7 Apr 7 22
Thoughts on the deeply anti-human philosophies at the core of the Green movement?
BossPig ND Apr 5 Apr 5 11
Holy Crap in a KFC bucket...AOC just has no freaking clue when to keep her trap shut. She was at LaGuardia Airport and was bitching that a Croissant was $7. So she started up on her soapbox about how the Airport Employees needed to get a $15 dollar ...
MADcHATTER TN Apr 3 Apr 3 55
My top three world leaders in my life time 3-Harper 2- Reagan 1- Netanyahu On tomorrow's podcast I'm explaining why Netanyahu is in my opinion the best world leader in my life time.
Lorelee Canada Apr 3 Apr 3 33
Aussie one man band! A little break from all the serious stuff. ;)
Naomi Mar 30 Mar 30 11
happygolucky666 UK Mar 30 Mar 30 11
Somehow people are so delusional that they think that the Trump administration are the ones guilty of treason, and that the DNC are the unsung heros that are fighting an uphill battle against tyrany. Everyone who says there was no collusion is an ...
ShawnHyde MI Mar 26 Mar 26 33
Should the Mueller Report be released? And if released: will it exonerate Trump or tie him to other misdoings? Will it encriminate Hillary and the DNC for their collusion? Will it expose the abuse of Obama’s justice department? Any thought or ...
805collins CA Mar 26 Mar 26 22
Why does everything have to be acronyms? Dnc, gop, maga, nasa, nsa, IDW? As intelligent people capable of operating a keyboard, should we not be able to fully express our thoughts without resorting to shortcuts? I have the theoretic opinion that ...
CuriousFury TX Mar 12 Mar 12 1212
Tucker Carlson slams DNC and leftist media over FOX being barred from 2020 Democrat debates...
SpikeTalon PA Mar 9 Mar 9 66
Key moments from Michael Cohen's explosive testimony. In his opening statement she is reading and not citing from lived memory. Every point me made sounds like it came direct off the DNC and MSM narrative. I don't believe he wrote it. ...
BrianK Feb 27 Feb 27 22
What are your thoughts on Tulsi Gabbard?
george KY Feb 23 Feb 23 88
Election wager: Who do you think will be the democratic front runner this coming election? Why?
Cicero WA Feb 16 Feb 16 66