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Can't say the C word?
Josf-Kelley CA Aug 7 Aug 7 00
Social distancing guidelines
Zarloff NV Aug 7 Aug 7 11
New BOMBSHELL Evidence Should Have Hillary Clinton SHAKING In Her Pantsuit! | Huckabee's Breakdown Believe it or not... we are down to less than 100 days till the 2020 election. It's critical to continue to uncover what was hijacked in ...
1patriot Canada Aug 4 Aug 4 11
George Floyed was an unlikely martyr. Yes, that is what he has become. Many people on the Left are now literally comparing him to Jesus and there is a weird hologram traveling exhibit displaying his holy image. Of course, the death of George was ...
ramzpaul OK Aug 4 Aug 4 66
“You have the misfortune of belonging to a group whose lives don’t matter anymore on a planet which has been brainwashed to hate your guts by your ancient enemies who you did everything to help. Those same enemies control technology, politics, ...
tonkotsu WA Aug 3 Aug 3 44
Ya need a ride?
GeeMac Canada Aug 2 Aug 2 22
A Quiz for All People to Identify the Evil Supremacism that Rules the West and is Ruining the World
andreaostrov IL July 31 Jul 31 33
It's a trap ?
RemiDallaire Canada July 20 Jul 20 11
This is the definition of being well trained. Despite being aware of how corrupt Trudeau's regime is and how they control the MSM, Canadians put on masks at the recommendation of their government and the MSM. No research, no questions, just obey ...
jakuboj July 14 Jul 14 22
Whatever happens in the first world will eventually trickle down to third world countries, which are at the moment just starting to get propagandized like you were around 2014, but are mostly sane. Maybe you should turn your attention to them in ...
A1fredo Mexico July 13 Jul 13 33
From comments by Michael Holding recently. Michael Holding was a West Indian cricket player, one of the greatest fast bowlers of all time: "The dehumanisation of the black race is where it started. People will say that's a long time ago, get ...
Crikey Australia July 8 Jul 8 33
Diversity is America’s strength when opinionated people sit down and explore for points of agreement. Be a part of that diversity. Join us in Milwaukee at the Better Discourse Conference Sunday, August 16. Tickets:
Mythinformed WI July 8 Jul 8 44
Child sex trafficking investigators from the FBI’s New York field office have conducted an interview with a victim who provided chilling details about allegedly being raped by Bill Clinton on a yacht in New England when the victim ...
1patriot Canada July 7 Jul 7 22
Hi guys. I thought tonight I'd share a part of myself. This is about a life changing experience that started in 8th grade and ended in 12th grade. Early on in 8th grade I became friends with this nice girl who I'm gonna call Sarah for the purposes of...
TylerZIM MI July 4 Jul 4 11
LINK YouTube
WorldSigh July 3 Jul 3 11
" When you look closely, you will realize the entire official narrative on COVID is a house of cards built on sand. It cannot stand up to close scrutiny. This knowledge is the key to remaining sane and free in a COVID-crazed and brainwashed world. ...
lawrenceblair OR July 2 Jul 2 44
0389 ---------------- July 2, 2014 Location: Des Moines,IA Victim(s): Rupert F. "Andy" Anderson 97, Harriett W. Johnson Anderson 94 (survived) Attacker(s): Ngor Peter Makuey Description: Makuey broke into the ...
TheFireRises WA July 2 Jul 2 00
Sioux Empire knockout game, win fabulous prizes!
Andyman MD July 1 Jul 1 00
Wear your mask ... Carry your gun
Zarloff NV June 30 Jun 30 00
LINK YouTube
WorldSigh June 29 Jun 29 11
LINK The propaganda is strong with this one.
WingITprod TX June 28 Jun 28 11
I'm a good ol rebel
RamzFan NJ June 28 Jun 28 11
POLL Here's an attempt at a first poll: Because I was thinking about how the left seems to attract the Karens of the world.
curvycom AZ June 27 Jun 27 88
Just a reminder ... Channon Christian and Chistopher Newsom. They did nothing wrong but of course, the brainwashed watching still tv, know not their tragedy; yet would bet almost all Saint Floyd. Rest in peace to Channon & Christopher and may ...
JATW IL June 26 Jun 26 11
( circa 2004. Shapiro articulated what was going on in politically correct universities at a time when few had done so. Ben was fighting PC culture in the early 2000's. Peter...
MosheBenIssac CA June 26 Jun 26 00 MGTOW TRANNY RANT: Men can only tolerate female bull shit just so much. Allie has paid her dues & has gone her own way - away from Feminism. But all fun aside, she’s 100% right about war a-coming. The pentagon...
1914wizard FL June 26 Jun 26 00
Imagine a one-lane street called success expectations, now let activist paint the word "masculinity' on it as they do lately. That's the current perception for the US. So women abandoned femininity, even drag queens confuse their alleged inner ...
A1fredo Mexico June 25 Jun 25 00
Have you taken the White Fragility Self-Test? I came across this "White-Fragility Self Test", which to me, reads like a handbook a cult leader would give to its members, or "Squealer the Pig" would prescribe to the Sheep in "Animal Farm". It's ...
Naomimi NY June 24 Jun 24 1818
Republican states are economically stronger than Democrat states.
jaymaron NY June 23 Jun 23 44
PROOF THAT THE UNIVERSE IS MATHEMATICALLY DESIGNED What is time? How is time affected by gravity? DMB: "Gravity is a perceptual illusion. You perceive being pulled to the surface but that isn’t what is really going on. There are two ...
Zteph Canada June 21 Jun 21 00
Equal rights for all is the part everyone remembers but they forget, special rights for none. Everyone in the world is racist to varying degrees. To suggest otherwise is just a left wing divide and conquer tactic. Staged events and fake emergencies ...
jakuboj June 19 Jun 19 33
BECKON US UPWARD BECKON us upward, ever-soaring clouds, That gleam like fringes of these curtaining skies; Beckon us up, and, as ye beckon, draw, O draw us, draw us, and we shall arise! Beckon us upward, each sky-loving peak, Whose home is ...
lawrenceblair OR June 17 Jun 17 00
Suspected ANTIFA SCUM shown real justice! Love to see these COMMIE agitators get the justice they deserve! The biased SJWs and demoncrats will kick up a stink but I wish our lawkeepers were as swift as this in the UK sadly the ...
bastion UK June 16 Jun 16 00
Better watch this quick before they take it down
David42 NC June 12 Jun 12 11
A quick summary - Masks are worthless, since if you're asymptomatic you don't actually infect someone else. Gloves are worthless for the same reason. Social distancing is worthless for the same reason.
ramzpaul OK June 12 Jun 12 22
LINK Have You Been Brainwashed?
DeplorableToo FL June 11 Jun 11 11
Shouting Out Truth, WOMEN are not men!
purdyday CA June 9 Jun 9 11
People are brainwashed since their birth they are made fear about religion and fear on unseen god!
murshid Sri Lanka May 29 May 29 77
50 years of feminism down the drain...And you can blame Canada for it
RemiDallaire Canada May 26 May 26 44
Did Rick Grenell really need that big satchel to carry a list of 39 names to the DOJ? Wonder what else might have been in there? So have a lot of people. And, serious though it may have been, the plot against Flynn is looking like a sideshow, the ...
Edgework TX May 16 May 16 33
It often seems our federal conservatives are just the Canadian wing of the Republican Party
Stephen67 Canada May 9 May 9 11
Poll Finds Majority Of Democrats Would Have Voted For Ted Bundy If He'd Run Against Trump
RobBlair PA May 7 May 7 22
Michigan's Ex-Gov. Rick Snyder Knew About Flint's Toxic Water—and Lied About It "Six years after the city of Flint, Michigan, began using a toxic water source that sickened its residents, VICE uncovered payoffs, the silencing of a ...
WilyRickWiles IL Apr 19 Apr 19 00
OUT OF SHADOWS OFFICIAL The Out Of The Shadows documentary lifts the mask on how the mainstream media & Hollywood manipulate & control the masses by spreading propaganda throughout their content. Our goal is to wake up the general ...
CarrenTracey CO Apr 16 Apr 16 11
China is the most competent Capitalist country in history.
SupraLibrix ME Apr 12 Apr 12 22 OUT OF SHADOWS OFFICIAL The Out Of The Shadows documentary lifts the mask on how the mainstream media & Hollywood manipulate & control the masses by spreading propaganda throughout their content. Our goal is to wake up the ...
warminster100 Canada Apr 11 Apr 11 11
LINK California "Declares Independence" Referring To CA As "Nation State," Its BS But We Can Dream Right? - YouTube
WorldSigh Apr 10 Apr 10 55
LONDON CALLING - Unchained Speech Unchained - So, Dear Readers, Are the Dems in America doing the Don Quixote, swinging a sword at imaginary dragons they detect, but in fact are only virus windmills? After all, We have been conditioned by media and ...
johnlondon AK Mar 28 Mar 28 33
Are you brainwashed? Rules of Online Engagement to determine rational thought. When your worldview conflicts with objective reality, you are living a delusion. It doesn’t mean your delusion is bad or unhelpful, just that you don’t ...
SupraLibrix ME Mar 27 Mar 27 44
Hello I just made this because of your newest video :-) I love all of your vids and hope you have a happy birthdayeven if you can't do much <3
UselessThorn TX Mar 25 Mar 25 00
Would You like the Cure ??? REPENTANCE : St. Corona is the patron saint of plagues. The Country has to have Repentance . GOD SENT IT OUT TO MAKE YOU REPENT. Its The Spirit Of St.Corona
JVIP-WTPNN UT Mar 24 Mar 24 00
pretty well sums it up ...
RCGibb MO Mar 21 Mar 21 11
I have short message to the RCMP officers at our open borders. You may justify your actions by telling yourself you are just following orders, but remember these are unlawful orders. You are allowing yourself to be told to aid people in breaking the...
jakuboj Mar 15 Mar 15 11
Mexican Word Of The Day
ShearingSheep Mar 14 Mar 14 00
The last thing Feely Joe should do tonight is take satisfaction in his victories. If he was still capable of coherent thought, he’d realize no one thinks he’s anything other than a corrupt, doddering hack who will never see the White House. ...
Edgework TX Mar 10 Mar 10 22
Dietary Confessions
timon_phocas CO Mar 6 Mar 6 33
Murdock is a typical teen these days being brainwashed by the public school system. School walkout organizer testifies in favor of CT ammo tax- Those of us who support the 2A need to speak up against this bs.
SpikeTalon PA Mar 4 Mar 4 00
Fear Factor The hidden dynamic that’s transformed our politics—and will loom large in the 2020 race By RACHEL BITECOFER From (behind paywall) On election night 2018, newly re-gaveled House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ...
WilyRickWiles IL Feb 20 Feb 20 11
US Senator proposes new data protection bill...
SpikeTalon PA Feb 19 Feb 19 00
Two things I like about em, their standards...
2peros CA Feb 17 Feb 17 11
Nice to see they're not all brainwashed
BikerPetehall70 UK Feb 14 Feb 14 11
New legislation would help local Gov with cybersecurity...
SpikeTalon PA Feb 12 Feb 12 00
LINK Jussie Smollett INDICTED AGAIN But Media IGNORES The Story About Trump Voters Targeted In Florida - YouTube
WorldSigh Feb 12 Feb 12 00
This is great
BikerPetehall70 UK Feb 8 Feb 8 00
BikerPetehall70 UK Feb 8 Feb 8 00
Happiness is a state of mind
Haraldson Feb 7 Feb 7 00
LINK Must Watch | Tommy Robinson talks Streatham Terror attack and UK Prisons - YouTube
WorldSigh Feb 5 Feb 5 00
Women and cosmetics When women went from diapers to dresses. They’ve been brainwashed into thinking their worth is Based on their beauty. Even truly beautiful women stare into the mirror critically, and Reach for their addiction, cosmetic, ...
TheMule AL Feb 2 Feb 2 55
RemiDallaire Canada Jan 24 Jan 24 00
And now for something completely different...
Facci NY Jan 22 Jan 22 00
The source of the "Its OK to be white" campaign, taking trolling offline..
CookieMonster UK Jan 20 Jan 20 00
Nordic Socialist-Hellholes Dominate World's 10 Happiest Countries Yet Again. U.S. Libertarians protest: "I'm not a smart man," says U.S. Libertarian Forrest McGumpiface, "but I know what happiness is. And it doesn't come from really big buttery ...
Babou CA Jan 18 Jan 18 44
Neon Nettle. "Ricky Gervais Shreds Snowflakes Who Claim To Be Offended By His Golden Globe Monologue. Tells Snowflakes "Just Because You re Offended, Doesn t Make You Right."
mccarthy ID Jan 11 Jan 11 22
Arianespace could launch record 22 missions in 2020 | Space News
kresica Croatia Jan 10 Jan 10 00
I f folks would get past party fanaticism they could see how republicans, and democrats really are not fighting each as elected reps, but working hand in hand to bring this country down.
KCSantiago TX Jan 9 Jan 9 77
Meatloaf Mocks Greta Thunburg As "Brainwashed."
mccarthy ID Jan 7 Jan 7 33
They still don't get it.
RemiDallaire Canada Dec 24 Dec 24 11
Paul Joseph Watson. "Lets pause for a moment to acknowledge that last night wouldn t have happened without the 'living legend' himself, Nigel Farage." Paul s right, and one thing that times of trials do, is it makes heroes and legends out of ...
mccarthy ID Dec 13 Dec 13 22
In the end, even the subsequent thirty years of brainwashed education was no match for the good sense, logical discipline, and weighty leadership conundrums that this true Patriot--my grandmother--impressed on me as a very small child. It continues ...
McPallas CA Dec 11 Dec 11 00
LINK Engaging with the Brainwashed, Feat. The Ayatollah - YouTube
rodneyblue Canada Dec 3 Dec 3 11
Altruism in Evolution and Psychology
AndrewInVail AZ Nov 24 Nov 24 00
“Don did nothing wrong!” Cherry “is an idol”: Supporters protest outside Rogers | David Menzies.
warminster100 Canada Nov 13 Nov 13 22
Being Woke. Coming Home From College Brainwashed.
mccarthy ID Nov 9 Nov 9 00
I Still find it odd that Some People are making her out to be some sort of modern day Joanne d’Arc ... Propaganda? Brainwashed? Both?
Bay0Wulf ME Oct 31 Oct 31 44
LINK Maxime Bernier on Twitter: "Here's the People's Party of Canada ad that will air in the coming days on the CTV Network. Watch and SHARE!… "
WorldSigh Oct 8 Oct 8 00
The media is way too easily distracted by Twitter-friendly stories...
SpikeTalon PA Oct 5 Oct 5 22
Earlier, I described Greta as being glassy-eyed and nihilistic as a Bronze Age peasant who feared that every thunderclap and crop failure came from the hand of an vengeful God. Jon Miltimore was even more accurate:
GeeMac Canada Sep 24 Sep 24 77
Drop Box Relationships
timon_phocas CO Aug 20 Aug 20 33
The offense culture at it's best. And tits
RemiDallaire Canada Aug 13 Aug 13 00
Here you go.....I understand why they impose the Burka now... It's much easier to set on fire. And it happened here... In QUEBEC CITY.
RemiDallaire Canada Aug 13 Aug 13 11
How the plastics industry is fighting to keep polluting the world I’m generally skeptical of a lot of environmental scare articles, but the plastics pollution problem is very real. This is not to say that we ...
Garsco NC July 27 Jul 27 22
Why I escaped from my brainwashed country | Hyeonseo Lee | TEDxKyoto This is what life under totalitarianism is like. This life applies to not just North Korea but also Putin's Russia, China under the Communist party and to every ...
Chicago June 25 Jun 25 00
The most dangerous places in America are Democrat run cities.
Vick AZ June 1 Jun 1 00
This is hilarious..
RemiDallaire Canada May 24 May 24 11
Men die after false accusation of sexual misconduct ... metoocoulddie
RemiDallaire Canada May 11 May 11 00
LINK BREAKING: Avi Yemini BANNED from Twitter - YouTube
WorldSigh May 5 May 5 22
You have to see this charming 7 year old girl to believe how talented she is:
iThink KS May 3 May 3 00
Bwaaaaaaahahahaha . Yup... I had some cards in the 70's but....they were only useful to make noise on my bike wheel.. LOL
RemiDallaire Canada Apr 27 Apr 27 00
Since 1981 and "Reaganomics" the middle class income has been bled. But that blood didn't go to those in poverty, whose income hasn't changed since then (fact). Nor did it go to the middle class, whose income HAD had been rising along with national ...
Babou CA Apr 22 Apr 22 11
Brainwashed or Braindead? At this point what does it matter.
Lorn OH Apr 20 Apr 20 11