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Trigger warning. This is a interview of Katie Hopkins by Stefan Molyneux on the state of Europe, U.K. and South Africa and world migration and the effects on native populations effected by mass migration from a comedian and cultural defender. She's a conservative right and he identifies as liberal left?

purdyday 8 Apr 24
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Wow! What a great conversation. If Molyneux is a leftist liberal he didn’t show it. Hopkins should get more play time around the world. I was struck particularly by her statement that white people, in retreat (my words), won’t build walls to keep people out, they’ll build steel walls around their homes to protect their families and property. The conversation about South Africa is particularly unsettling.

Garsco Level 8 Apr 24, 2019

Glad you enjoyed it. South Africa, doesn't even make the news, it's mind boggling. You would think that maybe Fox at least would report something on it. Trump should publicly announced that the Boer are being offered asylum here.....wouldn't that cause a stir, lol

@purdyday I like the asylum idea a lot. That would be so Trumpian!