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Joe Biden Is Not My President

Joe Biden did not win a fair and legal election.
179 members, 626 posts, Last Activity: Jul 21, 2024

Online and offline video games

Guys We hear play video games and entertain you all. Love from mali222.
6 members, 11 posts, Last Activity: Jul 19, 2024

Anime Posting

This is a group for discussing anime, manga, and light novel series, anime style video games, and anime characters. Discussing other Asian cartoons such as Donghua and Manhua is ...
Topics: Religion / Spiritualism
6 members, 1,118 posts, Last Activity: Jul 21, 2024

Celebrity News

Celebrity shenanigans!
Topics: Religion / Spiritualism
13 members, 419 posts, Last Activity: Jul 20, 2024

Student Revolutionary Strike Force

Countering the massive bombardment of propaganda & indoctrination spewed by the New World Order (NWO) systems
24 members, 658 posts, Last Activity: Jul 21, 2024


Practical and useful info on AI, unseen connections and assumptions about AI
4 members, 6 posts, Last Activity: Jul 21, 2024

Politically Incorrect

With a constantly changing political climate, it is difficult to know what actions are deemed acceptable. With topics like gender pronouns, free speech regulation, and safety ...
Topics: Debate / Argument, Humor, News, Politics / Political Ideology, Sexuality / Gender
2,039 members, 660 posts, Last Activity: Jul 21, 2024

Liberalism Is A Mental Disorder

An open forum to discuss the insanity of the left.
Topics: Activism, Debate / Argument, News, Politics / Political Ideology, Society / Culture
1,570 members, 1,487 posts, Last Activity: Jul 21, 2024

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