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I have been a student of bible prophecy since late 1984. Prophetic accuracy in the bible has been the one thing that has crystalized my faith. Who can argue with Daniel 9:25 that accurately predicted through a riddle that there would be 173,880 days exactly from the decree of Ataxerxes in March 14, 445BC that the Jews in servitude in Babylon could now go home to rebuild Jerusalem, to the formal presentation of the Messiah as King in April 6, 32AD? Or the prediction in Jer 16:14-15 that got fulfillment in 1948? As God has slowly removed the scales over believers' eyes as the end draws closer (Dan 12:9), I have had to adjust my position on certain things. And the adjustment has always been in the direction of taking God's word more seriously and more literally (where it does not intimate in the passages as allegorical, of course).

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