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I am old, fat and arthritic, and I laugh about it. I am a Christian. Patty and I have been married 45 years, and boy did I luck out there. We have 3 children and 10 grandchildren. I served in the Corps (there is no Corps but the United States Marine Corps and Chesty Puller was its prophet). I worked as a computer programmer and database administrator.

I read a lot of history. I like to kayak. I like to draw.


My community is doing OK despite the pandemic.
timon_phocas comments on Dec 19, 2020:
We just called down to our favorite restaurant, the Cracovia. It's a wonderful Polish/Eastern European cuisine place. They're a family business, not a franchise. Sadly, they're only open for take out. Sixty miles is a bit long for carry out mushroom soup. Hopefully they'll survive these crazy, contradictory COVID regulations. My wife is anxious to get her birthday dinner. I took one of my boss's trucks in for a smog check, where we were informed that it was an "emissions test." The boss and I were commiserating about election fraud. A couple of younger guys were there, smiling at our comments. I thought we might have trespassed some social convention and apologized. They said it was ok, they felt the same way. And so did the mechanics. Our church is humming along nicely. Caring people who've read the end of the book. They know who will win in the end (even if this inning is going badly). So yes. We're doing fine in my neck of the woods.
(admin) BIG TECH and BIG MEDIA are trying to STEAL the Election! Dont let them do it! Big Rally in ...
timon_phocas comments on Dec 19, 2020:
I thought it was a typical, Joe 'foot-in-mouth' gaffe. We've since learned it was a Freudian slip. How sadly prophetic.
Should some research topics be banned or results censored?
timon_phocas comments on Dec 19, 2020:
Should be. German universities had schools of racial studies based on Darwinian theories. Josef Mengele received a PhD in anthropology from the University of Munich and a cum laude medical doctorate from the University of Frankfurt. His published research was within the mainstream of academic thought at the time. His degrees were not revoked until the 1960s. Just saying this to illustrate that university research can produce utter, hateful nonsense. And have it rapturously received.
Well friends, I might be absent from here for a day or so, had to go to the hospital.
timon_phocas comments on Dec 19, 2020:
"Had I been by myself when that happened, I would have died most like" Rabbis tell me 'coincidence' is not a kosher word. I pray His hand will continue to be on you.
timon_phocas comments on Dec 18, 2020:
I remember reading autobiographies of Gulag inmates across the Communist block. Thieves and violent criminals were the trustees. People arrested for thought crimes were the underclass. We're halfway there.
What a bummer!! I was not aware Walter Williams passed away.
timon_phocas comments on Dec 17, 2020:
A great man indeed. May his memory be a blessing.
Do you have a "line in the sand" regarding political or social change?
timon_phocas comments on Dec 16, 2020:
I believe we are the victims of massive coordinated fraud. The news media, ostensibly the guardians of a free society, have rapturously endorsed the fraud. Entertainment, sports, education, and corporations have all enthusiastically claimed their part of the collectivist message. We are segueing into soft totalitarianism. The hard edges are emerging, however. There are demands that Trump supporters be punished for our thought crimes. BLM and Antifa, the Red Guards of this Cultural Revolution, are more explicit in word and deed. They all demand that every voice but their own be silenced. Not every institution has surrendered, nor is every voice silenced. I will invest time and resources in these institutions and people Every totalitarian movement hates religious faiths. They are independent moral authorities and totalitarians can't stand that. My faith has withstood many persecutions. As the saying goes, the Church is an anvil that has worn out many hammers. And as my Savior said, the gates of hell shall not withstand it. Otherwise, I will try to be like Benjamin the Donkey in Orwell's **Animal Farm**. I will conform to the minimum necessary to get by and hope for better days.
First looks at Hayabusa 2's asteroid samples []
timon_phocas comments on Dec 15, 2020:
I am intrigued by the gas it captured. That seems unexpected.
So ... How Much Do You Want to BET that the NEW Vaccine WON’T Work on This One?
timon_phocas comments on Dec 14, 2020:
The Corona virus causes the common cold. We don't make vaccines for the common cold because the Corona virus mutates too quickly.
A weird conversation with my wife.
timon_phocas comments on Dec 14, 2020:
Howdy @govols, Christianity isn't meant to be a solitary pursuit. I think your wife needs to to be encouraged by other Christians. If church isn't possible or comfortable, try a Bible study with some like minded women.
Daily in Christ by Dr.
timon_phocas comments on Dec 14, 2020:
I would like to add just a bit to this message of hope. Our English language has changed the meaning the word 'comfort' over the centuries. It has lost some meaning. 'Comfort' means to soothe, cheer up, console. Its Latin roots 'con fortis' meaning, 'here (or together with) strength'. So the Comforter does not just bring solace, but strength.
Pope Francis and the Vatican enter a "global alliance" with Mastercard, Visa, Bank of America, the ...
timon_phocas comments on Dec 13, 2020:
We'll, Pope Francis might be Catholic, but he seems to be only vaguely Christian.
[] Cultural Appropriation what a load of crap ?
timon_phocas comments on Dec 13, 2020:
Western literature begins with cultural appropriation. Homer, a Greek, speaks as a Trojan for roughly half of the Iliad. Not only that, but he speaks with the voices of the gods (lese magisty indeed). It doesn't stop there. Livy speaks in the voices of Carthaginians. Shakespeare write in the voices of the French, the Scots, the Danes, and more. James Fenimore Cooper wrote in the voices of Indians the French, the English. It goes on and on. Cultural appropriation is so vast, so nebulous a concept that it is impossible to define or enforce.
Living Truth Daily Devotion ...
timon_phocas comments on Dec 12, 2020:
Especially in these days. Thy will be done, oh Lord, Thy will be done. Not my fondest hopes. Not even my most idealistic dreams. Thy will be done, my King and my God.
is this normal? [] Six Dead from Pfizer Trials: Shares Down, Pfizer CEO Makes a Killing
timon_phocas comments on Dec 11, 2020:
Six out of forty-three thousand tested. For it to be even one percent there would have to be four-hundred deaths.
Do you consider this website to be "far right"?
timon_phocas comments on Dec 11, 2020:
Far right. Hmmn. But then again, we're all accused of being Nazis, which is also spurious nonsense.
I wonder why msm isn’t carrying this story? []
timon_phocas comments on Dec 11, 2020:
The Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine is a new kind of vaccine. Old vaccines use dead virus or parts of dead virus to identify the virus to your body's immune system. Newly alerted, the body then initiates an immune response the next time it encounters an active virus. Doing this requires industrial sized labs to culture, kill, filter and prepare doses. It's difficult, painstaking, and time consuming. That's why vaccines take so long to develop. The yearly flu vaccines are epidemiologists' best estimates of what will be appearing in a year to 18 months. The Pfizer vaccine takes a different approach. It is essentially a virus to fight another virus. It 'infects' healthy cells and makes them produce parts of the COVID virus which they expell into the body. These fragments are identified by the body's immune system. So these RNA vaccines skip the whole 'industrial size labs' step and get your body to do the work instead. Vaccines have never been trouble free. Early polio vaccines (using weakened polio virus) sometimes caused polio. The vaccine rushed thru in 74-75 caused some serious, sometimes fatal, reactions. Yet mass vaccination has been a public health triumph. When was the last time you saw people dying of diptheria or mumps or polio?
I like this.
timon_phocas comments on Dec 11, 2020:
Howdy @Satch, We like free speech here. Welcome aboard!
Sockboy at it again []
timon_phocas comments on Dec 11, 2020:
Don't allow it dear friends. Down here it's causing a last gasp struggle for the republic. We may never have another free election.
Starship SN8 Soars for Groundbreaking Test Flight from SpaceX Boca Chica []
timon_phocas comments on Dec 11, 2020:
Several firsts in that flight. Amazing achievement. Of course, if it was NASA they'd be in the middle of a three year structural definition to a five year feasability study.
World events may appear to be growing more and more hopeless, but no worries, God is in control ...
timon_phocas comments on Dec 7, 2020:
We commemorate the advent of our Savior this time of year. He didn't come into a world of Jeffersonian Democracy. Roman Emperors were military dictators pure and simple. They just had some trappings of the old Republic to maintain the pretense of continuity. God put His only begotten Son into this world. His church and Holy Spirit are in this world. He paid the price for this world and He's coming to redeem it. In the end, it doesn't matter who the president is.
I’m thinking that Pennsylvania is going to become a Major Thorn in Biden’s .
timon_phocas comments on Dec 7, 2020:
Howdy @BayOWolf, There are some Republicans with spines there. Amazing what a few good people can accomplish.
Hi everyone, I’ve been AWOL for sometime now.
timon_phocas comments on Dec 6, 2020:
Jump right it. The water's fine.
Biden won fair and square.
timon_phocas comments on Dec 6, 2020:
There was no dog. It didn't bite you. It's not my dog You kicked him first. You'll never prove it in court.
How many witnesses/ videos/ affidavits/ etc.
timon_phocas comments on Dec 4, 2020:
Howdy @Serg97, We tolerated the Tammany Hall machine for over a century. After all, it was just New York City. We've tolerated the Chicago Machine for over 60 years. After all, it was just Chicago. Little by little it metastasized under the rubric of, 'it's always free and fair as long as liberals win'. And now we're supposed to accept it as a national mandate for Joe Biden.
Starship may hop to km as soon as Friday.
timon_phocas comments on Dec 4, 2020:
I think it's the most complex maneuver a rocket has ever attempted. So many things can go wrong. Succeed or fail, it will make for spectacular videos. I hope and pray for success.
"This may be the most important speech I've ever made...." []
timon_phocas comments on Dec 2, 2020:
From your lips to God's ears, Mr. President.
Historical Moments NtfSpoaovelctlnrmicbnufeur 2mos9 oarihtledoe 1l0:1mec4 AM · Simone Segouin, ...
timon_phocas comments on Dec 2, 2020:
A hero, an example. Thank You for sharing this.
"On Tuesday, President Donald Trump and his campaign filed an explosive lawsuit claiming that ...
timon_phocas comments on Dec 1, 2020:
Wisconsin recounts are also audits. While the recount actually increased Biden's vote, the audit side actually identified hundreds of thousands of illegal votes; the basis for Trump's lawsuit.
timon_phocas comments on Dec 1, 2020:
An important first step. A hopeful sign that somebody still has common sense.
This is circulating late this afternoon. Not on any newsfeeds that I can find. Truth?
timon_phocas comments on Nov 30, 2020:
General McInerny said that is exactly what happened. Have not heard about Gina Haspel
Newt Gingrich.
timon_phocas comments on Nov 30, 2020:
We're in a race as to whether this become the norm for the rest of the country.
The next president (Harris or Biden) might be the Neville Chamberlain of this generation.
timon_phocas comments on Nov 28, 2020:
I've been aware of Biden since 1972 when he was the wonderkind who got into the Senate. He's been wrong on every question of national security ever since. Vietnam, Israel, Iran, Cold War, GWOT. He always aligns with the leftist Democratic consensus, there's not an independent neuron in his cranial cavity. He's so consistently wrong that it's something of a record.
Who invented the 3 rules to protect yourself from Covid-19?
timon_phocas comments on Nov 28, 2020:
I copied the book of Leviticus when I was going thru nursing school. A lot of priestly duties amounted to public health nursing. It struck me as very straightforward, very applicable to today's standards. Contrast this with the Assyrian approach to disease. They arributed disease to offending evil spirits who had to be bought off with sacrifices. In severe cases you could bring a goat into your bed, have sex with it, blame the goat for seducing you, and then sacrifice the goat to the evil spirit. Nope, it's not a perverted fairy tale. I read this in H.W.G. Sagg, **the Might that was Assyria**
I nominate Hillier for the Darwin Award. []
timon_phocas comments on Nov 27, 2020:
Sorry, 'Dolf awarded himself that Honor back in April of 1945
Fine, Ill fuck off with all my begging and lies, and annoying expectations of decency!!!!! Fuck you.
timon_phocas comments on Nov 26, 2020:
Fuck me? Thanks for the offer, but my wife is really supposed to handle that kind of stuff... If this is serious, then let's talk
Today is Thursday, November 26 2020 and Justin Trudeau continues to be the most corrupt and also ...
timon_phocas comments on Nov 26, 2020:
It may be poor satisfaction, but if Biden becomes pres, Trudeau will seem like someone pinching pennies from street musicians.
Yup, SpaceX is definitely playing with big boys now; very impressive for such young company (12 ...
timon_phocas comments on Nov 26, 2020:
I don't think using Starships as hypervelocity helicopters is tactically viable. Anybody with a shoulder launch, IR anti-aircraft missile could shoot the lander down. The rocket engines have a huge IR signature. Perhaps if the assault troops eject and paraglide to the ground.... Space Command cannot be dependent on a single provider, so it will continue to support less efficient launch providers like ULA. I think they also have a headstart on space tugs.
RedState: Poll watcher and forensic data analyst testifies at the Gettysburg hearing on election ...
timon_phocas comments on Nov 26, 2020:
In my job as a courier driver, I pick up samples and deliver them to labs. It's a whole industry I was never even aware of until I took this job. Chain of custody is at the heart of the job. The sample tech has to sign to relinquish the sample. I have to sign to accept the sample. When I get to the lab, I have to sign to relinquish the sample, and the lab tech has to sign to accept the sample. In addition, the sample boxes have to be transported in separate, special coolers at low temperatures. They have to be sealed with special tape and inspected on receipt. All this for a few ounces of soil or water. Contrast this with our recent election. There's no chain of custody on ballots, Ballots from different sources are commingled. Transaction logs are destroyed. I would be fired at best, more likely arrested and charged if I treated samples this way. And yet, this is an election, how we transfer supervision of a $20 trillion dollar economy and our lives.
Wishing my fellow Americans a happy Thanksgiving.
timon_phocas comments on Nov 26, 2020:
@SpikeTalon, A profoundly joyous Thanksgiving to you,
Today is Thanksgiving day in America.
timon_phocas comments on Nov 26, 2020:
They landed in a howling wilderness with poor soil and harsh conditions. Half of them died that first winter. They cried out to the Lord for help. Out of the wilderness walked a stranger, a Native American who spoke perfect English, and who taught them how to survive in their new land. We call it 'Providential' when we're being politely vague. To be correct, it was a miracle from God. That's why they celebrated that first Thanksgiving holiday. They were starving, staring death in the face, when God sent Squanto to save them..
Now this sudden shift from Erdo─čan is classic taqiyya, intended to disarm with his jihadist charm.
timon_phocas comments on Nov 25, 2020:
Fascist leaders in the 1930s would go on "peace offensives" every so often. It was part of their whole package of unpredictability. Erdogan seems to follow in their path. For example Erdogan made a sudden turn towards Israel after he was rebuffed by Russia (ten years ago). It was a very temporary turn.
Why does the wind blow so heartily in Alberta? Because Ottawa sucks.
timon_phocas comments on Nov 24, 2020:
Or, as they say in Wyoming, because Colorado sucks and Montana blows...
Jude Session 1 (Verses 1-4) - Chuck Missler From one of the shortest books in the bible that has ...
timon_phocas comments on Nov 23, 2020:
Interesting. John chapter 10 is my meditation passage this morning
Corbella: Wind and solar now cheaper than natural gas But before you get too excited and decide ...
timon_phocas comments on Nov 22, 2020:
I had conversations with employees of the Western Power Grid Administration back in 2016. They stated that power from a coal fired generating plant cost $10 per megawatt hour. I had mostly read about it as $20 per megawatt hour, so this was surprising to me. The only way wind and solar generation came close was through a federal $40 per megawatt hour subsidy. Even then they were more expensive. Now they're claiming renewables are cheaper than fossil fueled. But the way they achieve that is by assigning dollar values to incalculable societal costs, such as public health costs, environmental degradation and global warming supposedly caused by fossil fueled generation. It's a scam by the power companies. Renewables are so undependable they have to build a fossil generation plant for every wind farm or solar array. That means the utilities' construction subsidiaries get twice the building contracts. Not only that, but the fossil generation plants have to be kept at nearly operational temperatures so they can brought online in hours instead of days. Ratepayers, of course, get to pay for this. After all, it's for the environment!
Tis be the season again folks, and the left is griping again over what Santa Claus supposedly ...
timon_phocas comments on Nov 22, 2020:
Nicolas of Bari wasn't necessarily a white person. He, like Jesus of Nazareth and Moses, was Middle Eastern.
Would moving state borders reduce the chance of civil war?
timon_phocas comments on Nov 21, 2020:
Northern California has always resented the dominance of the urban areas. They tried to secede from California and form the State of Jefferson. They blockaded roads with bonfires and armed men to jumpstart the movement. Unfortunately, they chose the wrong date to do so. It was December 6th, 1941.
"Truth is like poetry.
timon_phocas comments on Nov 20, 2020:
Or, as Mark Twain said, there is no traditional, hereditary criminal class in America. With the exception of Congress, of course.
And how about the victims of bullying whose life went to shit, and now hate everybody and can't ...
timon_phocas comments on Nov 20, 2020:
Howdy @A1fredo, A just and loving God will by His nature make just and loving judgements.
What are black people superior at?
timon_phocas comments on Nov 20, 2020:
A friend of mine who had served in Vietnam said he always wanted to be commanded by Black leaders. They had an uncommon regard for the lives of their men and a matching disregard for their own. If that's Black Privilege, I want more of it.
Watch Again: Trump's Legal Team Holds Press Conference About the Election [youtube.
timon_phocas comments on Nov 19, 2020:
Long, damning and heartbreaking. Our Republic hangs by a thread.
Navy Seal TORCHES Dem In GA Senate Runoff for Saying You “Can’t Serve God and the Military” - ...
timon_phocas comments on Nov 19, 2020:
In Acts chapter 10 Luke tells the story of the Apostle Peter and Cornelius. The first gentile convert to Christianity was a career military officer, a centurian in the Roman army. If Christian faith required leaving the military, then the book of Acts would have mentioned Cornelius doing so.
Obama’s New Book Is An Embarrassing Tale of Complete Fiction and Detachment From Reality - YouTube
timon_phocas comments on Nov 19, 2020:
The more I read about Obama, the more malevolent he is revealed to be.
Trump would have ‘won in a landslide’ if not for the ‘Wuhan flu’: Mark Latham - YouTube
timon_phocas comments on Nov 19, 2020:
Trump did win in a landslide. When the dimensions of the landslide became apparent, electoral fraudsters had to flood the election with hundreds of thousands of fake ballots in each of the five states they had chosen to flip the election. It is the industrial scale of this fraud that could be their undoing.
TownHall: Beth Bauman.
timon_phocas comments on Nov 18, 2020:
This has been reversed.
Signs of The Apocalypse of 2020: Notre Dame football joins a conference, the ACC.
timon_phocas comments on Nov 17, 2020:
Howdy @jaymaron, I thought the end was neigh when the Cubs won the Pennant after a 71 year drought.
Trump lost at the ballot box.
timon_phocas comments on Nov 17, 2020:
A thorough audit of election results hurts nobody. If Biden wins, he gets a verified mandate. If Trump wins, we can trigger reforms to assure that elections truly reflect the people's wishes. Trump's legal team is holding specific evidence behind their charges of election fraud close to the vest. Let's see what the evidence actually is.
What a fucking idiot, served him right.
timon_phocas comments on Nov 16, 2020:
Instant payback, karma on the side
Tim and Ben... []
timon_phocas comments on Nov 15, 2020:
Wow, two dueling verbal fire hydrants!
President of the United States has asked us to send him "snail mail" letters.
timon_phocas comments on Nov 15, 2020:
I've already done so.
It IS in effect.
timon_phocas comments on Nov 13, 2020:
The Apostle Paul wrote Romans 13:1 when Nero was emperor, a man so wicked he became an archetype for the antichrist. If believers were expected to obey the likes of Nero, then we can be expected to obey whatever is in power today. Will this obedience save us from persecution? It never has before.
Interesting: []
timon_phocas comments on Nov 13, 2020:
"Asymmetrical multiculturalism," nice locution.
SpaceX makes progress toward 15km flight.
timon_phocas comments on Nov 13, 2020:
Howdy @kresica, You're right. The 'belly flop' landing adds whole new levels of complexity. It will be fascinating to see which parts work. I think it will have to be recorded by multiple chase planes as well as ground cameras and telemetry.
China sets targets for smart, recoverable and reusable launch vehicles []
timon_phocas comments on Nov 13, 2020:
They're scrambling to catch up with SpaceX. Russia's space agency has announced a reusable rocket project. So has Arianne Space. Elon Musk has transformed the industry.
Huge Legal Victory for President Trump in Pennsylvania
timon_phocas comments on Nov 13, 2020:
Howdy @Xtra, It's certainly a victory, but not the central issue of counting ballots that arrived after 8 PM on election day. That still has to be decided.
Suck what up? Really... []
timon_phocas comments on Nov 13, 2020:
I'm supposed to 'suck it up' because 'the people have spoken.' What people? The ballot harvesters? The doppelgangers? The dead? Digital figments of Dominion software? I'm supposed treat these fraudulent claims with the same reverence as Jackson's populist wave in 1828, or FDR's overwhelming victory in 1932? Nope, I don't have to be in the middle of a cattle pen to know when I'm near a feedlot. It stinks to high heaven and so does this election 'victory.'
timon_phocas comments on Nov 10, 2020:
Howdy @1patriot, This NYPost article says there are no watermarks on ballots. It says the ballots can be duplicated on copiers. It also says the ballot envelopes are hard to duplicate. They get them from people on the pretense of delivered by them, steam them open, and insert their own ballots. It doesn't disprove the story, but it adds doubt. Here's a PDF file I found about ballot watermarks. "Some ballots have watermarks indicating that : the ballot is authentic. W; atermarks are specific: to each election and confirm the ballot was printed by an approved printing authority." So ballot watermarks are a thing...
Personal Outlook on Media “Calling the Election”.
timon_phocas comments on Nov 8, 2020:
In 1960 there were murmurs about murky results from Chicago that decided the election for JFK. **Making of the President, 1960** explained it openly, the Chicago machine waited until all the results from the rest of Illinois came in and then 'produced' just enough votes to win the state (and country) for JFK. Nixon could have contested the murky dealings, but decided to accept the results for the good of the country. In 2004, in Washington state, Christine Gregoire D ran against Dino Rossi R for governor. The election was extremely close and was only decided by the 'discovery' of boxes of ballots (all Democrat). Interestingly enough, Al Franken hired the same consultants to run his senatorial campaign. It was won by the same microscopically thin margin produced exactly the same way. Colorado vote-by-mail was made universal in 2013 along with same-day voting. The Democratic Party paired it with google data tracking to identify hot button issues for individual potential voters. Email and personal contacts, along with unrestricted ballot harvesting made this a deep blue state. This is the pattern I see here: election officials report Republicans victories on election day,. And then mail-in and provisional ballots trickle in over the next week to just edge out the republicans. Democrats have won every state-wide office ever since. We have videos of how vote-by-mail and ballot harvesting are exploited. We can see them admitting they bribe people for their ballots. Heavily Democratic urban areas are reporting 98% voter participation rates. That's statistically impossible. Especially since those districts often have as many (or more) registered voters as residents. And of course the dead are voting. Centennarians who haven't voted since the Reagan administration are suddenly voting again. It's nation wide. It's transforming my country into a banana republic.
Why was the popular vote so close in the US presidential election?
timon_phocas comments on Nov 6, 2020:
Polling has gone wacky since the phone system switched from landlines to cell phones. Most people only respond to people they recognize. I was dodging sporadic polling calls for about a month. The 'Shy Trump voter' is a very real, and very large, category. Polls are a commercial product, sold to media organizations that already believe in 'Orange Man Bad.' Polls that support this thesis are readily accepted, are worldview affirming to them. They will be widely disseminated, and then reinforce the Blue Wave assumptions. The Blue Wave expectation provides perfect cover for finding bags full of Biden-only ballots that were 'misplaced.' Wouldn't you expect whole precincts full of exclusively Democratic voters in a Blue Wave election? I don't know if the polls were a premeditated deception, but they did provide cover.
Any suggestions as to how to emotionally prepare for the election?
timon_phocas comments on Nov 2, 2020:
I pray that my political opponents will take joy in their side's victory. That seems to take away the emotional sting for me. After flying back from his last campaign stop in 1992, President Bush went out and bought fly fishing gear. I think that's a good example. Plan a big project. Hike one of the big trails, climb a major mountain, kayak down a river. Get maps, plan for equipment, estimate costs. Every time you start thinking about politics, start perusing those catalogs and maps instead.
Turkey to sell 48 Bayraktar TB2 armed drones to Ukrainians How many times have you heard of ...
timon_phocas comments on Nov 2, 2020:
Russian ground based air defense systems haven't been effective against smaller, composite skinned, UAVs. The Nagorno-Karabakh war has shown them as the new style of tactical air support. Something of a revolution in air war.
Why are you voting for your candidate?
timon_phocas comments on Nov 1, 2020:
Back in the hoary days of high school, when giants roamed the land (Caddies, Lincolns and Imperials; the true dinosaurs), I started watching and reading William F Buckley. From him I learned conservatives were eloquent and charming. When Reagan came along I learned they were dignified, and sometimes folksy, too. Trump was none of the above. I felt he was treating the Republican Party like a self actualization toy. I was appalled when he got the nomination. As the 2016 campaign progressed, however, I decided I wanted another Clinton administration about as much as I wanted a lap dance from a sweaty sumo wrestler. So I voted for Trump. This campaign I voted for Trump rather than against his opponent. I want more of the same. The bravura economy (I haven't seen those kind of numbers since the sixties). The steady approval of conservative judges. The persistence of his efforts against illegal immigration. The steady rebuilding of the mlitary. And no new wars. I've sent two of my children to wars and it was terrifying each time. The actions of the mainstream media have only reinforced my choice. They are uniform in opinion and phrasing. A Greek chorus of bile and spite. They had a liberal monoculture in the seventies, but they allowed a few conservative voices. None are allowed today. If somebody strays from the party line they suffer a tsunami of outrage and then are expelled. And so now it's, "Alea iacta est." The die is cast, let's see how it plays out.
Trump's (64-Day) Post-Election Endgame (Or, Can A Criminal Be Inaugurated President?
timon_phocas comments on Oct 31, 2020:
Howdy @Naomi, People don't seem to remark at how "public service" vastly enriches our "servants." The Clintons had a net worth of perhaps $250 thousand when they entered the presidency. They're now worth in excess of $200 million. George W Bush had an oil exploration company that was bought out when it was struggling. Then he was invited to be manager of a consortium that bought the Texas Rangers baseball team. That bumped his fortune into the "comfortable" bracket. $40 to $50 millions. This was before he ran for governor of Texas. But it was when his father was vice president and then president. He was hard working and smart. His political connections didn't hurt him. That's for sure. Obama started his presidency with one mansion in Chicago, two best selling books and a whole lot of student debt. Now he has another mansion in Georgetown, and seaside estates in Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts and Hawaii. His fortune is said to be in the $40 to $50 million range. So Mr. Obama's fortune grew at least tenfold during his presidency. We're seeing how all those insider deals accrue to families in or around power. Hunter Biden's laptop, Hillary Clinton's emails show how it happens. Consulting fees, investment opportunities, board memberships, donations to family foundations. And there have been "gentlemen's agreements" not to rock the boat about them for generations.
Should individual donors to political campaigns be anonymous?
timon_phocas comments on Oct 30, 2020:
I think campaign donation limits should be eliminated and campaign donations should entirely public. If Bill Gates wants to, he should be able to contribute any amount to your campaign. And if you want to be known as Bill Gates' pet candidate you should be able to accept. The current system is a vast exercise in hypocrisy. Michael Bloomberg can send $40 million to Florida to turn out the ex-con vote for Biden, but theoretically, can only send $2,800 to the Biden campaign. Unions can't contribute to Biden's campaign but they can pay the salaries of hundreds of Biden campaign workers. Jesse Unruh said, "Money is the mother's milk of politics" back in the sixties. It's always been that way. Let's not pretend otherwise. Just keep it transparent.
Philadelphia looting continues for a second night- [bearingarms] Protesters in Philadelphia ...
timon_phocas comments on Oct 28, 2020:
Yep, nothing like an armful of high-end Nikes says you're demonstrating for restorative justice.
THEY CAN’T BE THAT STUPID!!! So whines Joe Scarborough, alleged commentator on all things Trump...
timon_phocas comments on Oct 28, 2020:
Yep, that kind of desperation certainly makes me believe Biden's gonna win in a landslide.
Calamity at Omaha Trump rally. []
timon_phocas comments on Oct 28, 2020:
Sounds like it got much colder when darkness fell, and hypothermia struck many older, susceptible people. They'll need more careful planning if there's a next time.
My daughter Anna was reading her English Standard Version recently and came across this translation ...
timon_phocas comments on Oct 27, 2020:
The right hand was the strong hand, the social hand that dipped out of the common pot at meals. The left hand, the sinister hand, was used for wiping butts.
For those of you that live in this area.
timon_phocas comments on Oct 25, 2020:
There go the forest fires? Thank You, Father God!
If you don't know that 'coyotes' are human smugglers, shut up about the border issue- ...
timon_phocas comments on Oct 23, 2020:
Howdy @SpikeTalon, My wife works with a Nebraska National Guardwoman. She was activated for six months duty at the border. She was horrified by what she saw. The border is marked by a barb wire fence. Coyotes would throw toddlers over the fence. If they got tangled in the barn wire, Coyotes would yank them off and throw them again. Sometime the babies were caught by Guardsmen, sometimes not. Sometimes they would come across the babies while patrolling the border. The Coyotes are vicious cartelistas.
Do facts matter in elections anymore?
timon_phocas comments on Oct 23, 2020:
I wait a few days before trusting any item of news. I like 2 or 3 different sources. It's tricky to determine whether a 2nd source is just quoting the first one. So far, NRO's been pretty good. Forbes has been pretty good. Tim Pool is pretty good. If I can get confirmation from liberal and conservative sources I feel pretty confident.
Godspeed []
timon_phocas comments on Oct 23, 2020:
Let's form a motorcade for them. It can start in San Diego, go north to LA, and then follow Route 66 to the Canadian border. We'll have picnics and parades to celebrate. We'll have cheering crowds and waving flags the whole way. Then you can join your buddy Tom Hanks in Greece just in time for the Turkish invasion.
Lockdowns will cause 10 times more harm to human health than COVID-19 itself, says infectious ...
timon_phocas comments on Oct 23, 2020:
This pandemic has been so strange and so politicized. One group of experts claims we must flee to the mountains and hide in caves. Another group says hydroxy chloroquine, zinc and a Zpack are a sovereign cure. Yet another says it's quack medicine in the order of "ring around the rosey, pocket full of posies..." I think we're getting the emperical evidence that the chicken littles were wrong.
How can Trump win in the face of leftist controlled media, Hollywood, education systems, universal ...
timon_phocas comments on Oct 21, 2020:
These media outlets no longer have a functioning monopoly. FB is censored, but FB's largest content provider is Ben Shapiro. Youtube has the same problem as FB, conservative content is immensely popular. Broadcast news is a spent force, as are newspapers. There are alternative social media platforms, this is one. And there's always talk radio. So people have other ways of getting alternative viewpoints.
The story of Trump's bribe from Egypt is the greatest scandal in American history.
timon_phocas comments on Oct 21, 2020:
Trump's entire campaign spent a little over $600 million from 2015 through to the election. Most if it was his own money The allegation is Trump got $400 million in the last weeks of his run. Where did it disappear to? He couldn't spend it on the campaign, that's too late to affect anything.
Trump calls Dr.
timon_phocas comments on Oct 20, 2020:
Sweden's approach to the COVID epidemic looks better and better. It is in direct opposition to Dr. Fauci's approach and its results are far more benign.
Joe Biden so against Afrikaners in this speech.
timon_phocas comments on Oct 20, 2020:
My observation is Joe Biden has no principles except the pursuit of the presidency. That's been the only constant I've seen in his career.
There are a couple options for why Hunter Biden is facing issues around this laptop.
timon_phocas comments on Oct 19, 2020:
Well, it certainly ripped off whatever shreds of neutrality the social media giants had. And it enraged conservatives. Lobbyists for social media giants are busy writing regulations for themselves. Congress will pass these to appease the ignorant masses. That us, folks.
France24: Armenia, Azerbaijan agree to cease fire as the war degrades into a stalemate Armenia, ...
timon_phocas comments on Oct 19, 2020:
I heard the NG war was slowing to a stalemate because the Azeris have shot off all the fancy ammo they bought from the Israelis. Putin has a personal relationship with Netanyahu. He probably called to ask him to shut down deliveries. This last comes from Bryan Suits show, *Dark Secret Place* who has been getting updates from friends in Armenia and NK. Once you set aside the smart weapons, it all comes down motivated infantry. I think the Armenians have the edge there because they believe they're one war away from another holocaust. The mountainous terrain also favors motivated infantry, which tends towards stalemate.
Conservatives who seek to debate issues of economics, national policy and political philosophy, have...
timon_phocas comments on Oct 18, 2020:
"a lone Goliath amid a gaggle of ineffective Davids" I suppose it helps that the 'Davids' are all throwing marshmallows... Other Republicans try to achieve a conservative goal, but then back off at the first serious opposition. Trump will stop, and then try again and again until he finds a way around the opposition. I think his career as a developer taught him this approach.
Frontpage: Michael Ledeen.
timon_phocas comments on Oct 18, 2020:
I think Xi Jinping will go full 'Big Brother' and push hard on all the territorial disputes to emphasize that he's raising China's prestige. Perhaps invading Taiwan. Perhaps slicing away at Taiwan's outer islands to get a more compliant attitude from them.
what do you think?
timon_phocas comments on Oct 18, 2020:
I don't think Joe Biden and family will face charges. It would expose the network of cushy perquisites the elites trade back and forth with each other. Hunter Biden would defend himself by point out how the children of high officials got the same treatment; board memberships, grants, high paying 1st jobs, etc. This would foul the nest for the whole elite
Is the Hunter Biden email dump believable?
timon_phocas comments on Oct 16, 2020:
NRO has a money quote on this topic. "...if there were a sex tape featuring Donald Trump Jr. smoking a crack pipe it would be running on the Times Square Jumbotron..." Instead it's being studiously ignored. The timing is suspicious (October surprise, anyone?).
Pragmatism. [youtube]
timon_phocas comments on Oct 15, 2020:
Home sweet home, Greeley. The reason my home is armed
Fakebook is now hiding any stories that tie Bidens son to the Ukrainian scam.
timon_phocas comments on Oct 14, 2020:
FB's biggest US content provider is Ben Shapiro. FB's employees hate this. Shapiro makes a lot of money for FB and he's protected. Zuckerberg lets his employees squash smaller conservatives. They do this very consistently. When conservatives complain, he points to Shapiro says he can't be censoring conservatives if Shapiro is his biggest content provider.
Hey check out the little Trump, Daisy []
timon_phocas comments on Oct 13, 2020:
This is the weirdest election season I've ever seen. Biden holds events with fewer spectators that I have fingers on one hand. Trump holds events the same days with tens of thousands of spectators. And yet polls say Biden is ahead by 14 percent. Very strange.
Are you a fascist?
timon_phocas comments on Oct 13, 2020:
I sign birthday greetings to my daughter-in-law, "with love from your favorite fascist." She went to the University of Vermont Law School, is a Bernie Gal and believes fervently in the gospel of systemic racism. The word "fascist" has been so devalued that giving insufficient Halloween treats can earn you that status. Meaningless...
"South Africa lays out conditions to seize land, says investors will be reassured" ...
timon_phocas comments on Oct 13, 2020:
Hardly reassuring to me, even less to any white South African.
WarOnTheRocks: Discarding the Ptolemaic View of the Corps. []
timon_phocas comments on Oct 13, 2020:
Heresy! Every Marine knows Chesty Puller built the Pyramids, discovered America and won the the Civil War. And he didn't need the Navy to fight at Guadalcanal. He marched to war because he could walk in water!
NASA Tour of Asteroid Bennu: []
timon_phocas comments on Oct 11, 2020:
This is fascinating. It reminds me of talus fields at a glacier's terminal morraine. They expected it to be bare. If it's been plowing through space for billions of years there should have been enough collisions with other asteroids to knock all those loose boulders off.

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