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I am old, fat and arthritic, and I laugh about it. I am a Christian. Patty and I have been married 44 years, and boy did I luck out there. We have 3 children and 10 grandchildren. I served in the Corps (there is no Corps but the United States Marine Corps and Chesty Puller was its prophet). I worked as a computer programmer and database administrator.

I read a lot of history. I like to kayak. I like to draw.


SOCIETY How America’s Elites Lost Their Grip []
timon_phocas comments on Dec 5, 2019:
Interesting to see how progressives string disparate facts together to form narratives. It's like watching bad students work through an equation until they prove two equals three. Painfully bemusing. The author calls our system 'hyper capitalism.' It's anything but. A system where elites bend government to guarantee their own profits is cronyism, not capitalism.
Ben Shapiro and Sam Harris.
timon_phocas comments on Dec 3, 2019:
Sam Harris asserts that the Bible endorses slavery. As Jesus said, "...You are in error because you do not know the Scriptures or the power of God." Matt 22:29. Mosaic laws sought to outlaw what was irredeemably evil and regulate inevitable evils. Regulation is not the same as endorsement. First, Sam Harris does not understand the history and culture of the times. The Hebrews had no prison system. If you stole something and could not repay, you would be enslaved to that person for a given period so you could work it off. The same punishment was applied to most smaller criminal offenses.This was not the same as the massive slave populations of surrounding cultures. Secondly, if slavery is endorsed in the Bible, then why was kidnapping punished by death? Exodus 21:16 “Kidnappers must be put to death, whether they are caught in possession of their victims or have already sold them as slaves." Southern slave owners made the same self-jusitfying arguments about the Bible and slavery. They were just as wrong. The rest of Sam Harris's assertions about the Bible were of a similar nature. They were based on scant knowledge and biased assumptions.
[] Sadiq Khan again blames everything but the terrorist. For acts of terror.
timon_phocas comments on Dec 2, 2019:
Not a "Prince Andrew Moment," but a lot of deflection
Paul Joseph Watson. "China s Terrifying Social Credit Scores." []
timon_phocas comments on Dec 2, 2019:
In a way, it looks like a high-tech extension of Confucianist social codes
Paul Joseph Watson.
timon_phocas comments on Nov 30, 2019:
The only restriction on putting down rabid dogs is not damaging the brain (used to confirm rabies). Fortunately, we don't have to worry about that with terrorists
FreeBeacon: Broken China model.
timon_phocas comments on Nov 30, 2019:
I don't necessarily agree with the article, but I felt it was useful to start discussions with. I don't think the author takes Chinese history into account. The Opium Wars ushered in a century of weakness, rebellions, nominal national governments and warlordism. Not to mention disastrous wars. I think this makes Beijing especially sensitive of any nascent regionalism. Mix that with their totalitarian heritage and their approach is predictable.
[] Queen Elizabeth may soon retire.....
timon_phocas comments on Nov 30, 2019:
She has been a hard working, conscientious monarch. She has interacted with virtually every world leader since World War Two. I would love to hear her observations of them (and never will, of course). God bless her.
London Bridge killer, 28, was jailed for eight years in 2012 for plotting to BOMB the London Stock ...
timon_phocas comments on Nov 29, 2019:
Who would'a thunk it. A total surprise...
timon_phocas comments on Nov 28, 2019:
I'd be SO thrilled to see Indy 500 times measured in calender days again....
Like it or not, China is rising: US Debt to China: How Much, Reasons, What Could Happen
timon_phocas comments on Nov 28, 2019:
Howdy @Naomi, The Chinese could indeed do a "Samson" and pull down our financial temple. But in doing this they would destroy their own economy, since they depend on exports far more than the US. It's kind of like the doctrine of mutually assured destruction.
Food for thought.
timon_phocas comments on Nov 28, 2019:
This is nothing new. The Obama campaign pioneered in this kind of media granularity. When Obama was president, Google was joined at the hip with his administration. This became state of the art political practice. Cambridge Analytica was just another practioner. The book and interview are just complaining that Republicans use it too.
My Beginnings calm daylight evening grass Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.
timon_phocas comments on Nov 26, 2019:
Howdy @12ab, Welcome to the conversation!
What's going on, American folks? Did you know anything about this? Sounds very serious.
timon_phocas comments on Nov 26, 2019:
I've seen a couple of posts about this today. So it's just surfacing in our alternative news sources.
JonMyers: serving field-grade officer explains why disobeying the commander-in-chief is sedition...
timon_phocas comments on Nov 26, 2019:
I served under Presidents Carter, Reagan and George H.W. Bush. I disliked Carter. I felt Reagan's mission in Lebanon was potentially disastrous. The extent of actual disaster appalled me. I liked Bush's handling of the military best. But whoever the President, he was Commander In Chief. We obeyed his orders, exerted our best to achieve the missions, and kept our mouths shut. That's what the military is supposed to do in our republic.
timon_phocas comments on Nov 24, 2019:
Well, Old Testament Prophets, New Testament Apostles and my Savior Himself made predictions about the End Times. They have not all been accomplished yet. And yet believers are told to persevere. I am just saying that this particular argument is used against Christianity, not just Islam. II Peter 3:3 knowing this first: that scoffers will come in the last days, walking according to their own lusts, 4 and saying, "Where is the promise of his coming? For since the father's fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of creation"
Iranian Muslim Leader found Lord Jesus Christ.
timon_phocas comments on Nov 23, 2019:
Thank you.
Off key humor...
timon_phocas comments on Nov 23, 2019:
Whaddya mean, we're just "ok?" Them's fightin' words!
Voices From Hong Kong: the US Bill is Our Hope to Fight Against Authoritarianism
timon_phocas comments on Nov 23, 2019:
Thank You, Father God, that we summoned the unanimous support for Hong Kong.
chuckle Ok let that generation die. no problem ! []
timon_phocas comments on Nov 23, 2019:
Well, if they're volunteering to thin out the shallow end of the gene pool, then more power to 'em!
New Data Show “Gender-Affirming” Surgery Doesn’t Really Improve Mental Health.
timon_phocas comments on Nov 21, 2019:
It's pure money for hospitals.
New Data Show “Gender-Affirming” Surgery Doesn’t Really Improve Mental Health.
timon_phocas comments on Nov 21, 2019:
Yes, but insurance companies will pay for it and so it's profitable
TRUMP WAS RIGHT: Head of Burisma Holdings Arrested in Ukraine! Claims Hunter Biden and Partners Paid...
timon_phocas comments on Nov 21, 2019:
Russia Collusion accusations were to cover up Intel Community crimes Ukrainian Corruption accusations are to cover up similar crimes. Same play book, same hatred, same sense of entitlement
CBS DUMPS THE “impeachment” hearings to go back to it’s regularly scheduled programming—soap...
timon_phocas comments on Nov 20, 2019:
High drama without a plot. I like that.
Sounds Like Reign: I Need Thee Every Hour // Her Heart Sings []
timon_phocas comments on Nov 19, 2019:
Balm for the soul in tumultuous times. Thank you
RealClearScience: problems with "WalMart" insulin []
timon_phocas comments on Nov 19, 2019:
Drug companies have close relationships with politicians. Politicians have close relationships with drug regulators. Profitable drugs are kept under patent protection rather than released for cheaper generics. Drug companies maximize profits. Patients either pay for better drug treatments or are forced into older, less effective drugs. Everybody gets paid off. Drug companies maximize profits. Politicians get campaign donations, politician's families become lobbiests or board members, regulators get juicy consulting gigs once they retire. Everybody profits except the patients.
The never peaceful Middle East is still at it. []
timon_phocas comments on Nov 17, 2019:
The people in Palestine are born, raised, educated, preached to, and entertained with hatred. There will be no peace for the foreseeable future.
A Man Was Set on Fire During Hong Kong Protests - YouTube
timon_phocas comments on Nov 16, 2019:
I think it's a product of rage and dispair. Hong Kong residents know in twenty-odd years they'll be living in a totalitarian, total surveillance state. "1984" meets "Brave New World" with Confucian overtones. They tried massive peaceful protests and were met by vicious retaliation from Beijing directed police forces. People are being shot. People are being beaten to death. People are being "disappeared." Beijing's heavy handed response created a revolutionary climate. Beijing needs Hong Kong as a gateway for foreign capital. The rest of China is not trusted because it's laws don't enforce equity or property rights. As a matter of fact, it's not illegal to steal from foreigners. Hong Kong has laws and courts that do enforce equity and property rights. That's why foreign capital will stay in a place like Hong Kong.
"Others said Democrats are not going about the inquiry “the right way,” asserting that the ...
timon_phocas comments on Nov 16, 2019:
It occurs to me the "resistance at all costs" crowd may be victims of their cheerleader press. Whatever they do is fervently applauded. People like Schiff bask in their warm approval. They have no guage on how their actions are received outside their own bubble. I remember reading, back in the seventies, that one of the most secret parts of the old KGB was a public opinion polling unit. Kremlin bosses absolutely controlled all mass media, so their story was the only one being published. But that also meant the media didn't reflect public opinion. Hence the polling unit was the only way they could find out what people really thought. I think Democrats have the same kind of problem today. America's mainstream media are monolithicly anti-Trump. They refuse to listen to alternative media because they are ostensibly bigoted. So the mainstream media worldview is their only source of feedback. They are caught in the same trap the CPSU bosses were.
Powerful sculpture.
timon_phocas comments on Nov 15, 2019:
Heartbreakingly beautiful.
I don't think I can put this right, but I'm gonna try, anyway.
timon_phocas comments on Nov 14, 2019:
Do we have any way to judge how ideas are used or measure their effects? Marx and Nieztche both branched off of Hegel. Nazis said they were following Nieztche's philosophy. How do we apportion culpability?
SpaceX Starship Updates – Starlink v1-1 Aftermath – Starship Reusability []
timon_phocas comments on Nov 14, 2019:
I remember reading articles touting the Space Shuttle as the C-47 of space, making space exponentially more affordable. It failed that goal exponentially. But 40 years on, Elon Musk seems to be achieving just that.
I hope Schiffless gets to concurent life sentences plus 100 years! Demonrats trot out new charge as...
timon_phocas comments on Nov 14, 2019:
Howdy @warminster, Andrew McCarthy is authoritative and insightful. I'm beginning to pick up more indications that this "official impeachment inquiry" (the House still hasn't risked voting on it) is just another public relations ploy. There are another flurry of accusations and no real substance. They just hope that the word "impeachment" will have more emotional impact on voters.
A year or two back there was a lot of talk about holding a Convention of States to modify the ...
timon_phocas comments on Nov 14, 2019:
Well I respect Mark Levine a lot, but I have reservations about an Article V convention of states. The Constitutional Convention was ostensibly called to revise the Articles of Confederation not entirely replace it. But that's exactly what it did. An Article V Convention could do the same. The Constitutional Convention was chaired by George Washington. He had universal esteem as the leader and victor of the Revolution. Nobody today has his kind of approval or moral authority. The rest of the Convention was a brilliant supporting cast. Those with college educations represented the intellectual consensus of the day. Where are their like today? The current cadres coming from universities don't believe in freedom of speech, much less the other freedoms enumerated in the Bill of Rights. Many don't even believe in objective truth. Our Constitution was the result of a confuence of great ideas, great people and the right circumstances. The same convention held today could easily go off the rails and give us something hideous.
BREAKING! Ruth Bader Ginsburg TOO SICK to Attend Supreme Court!!! Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s days on ...
timon_phocas comments on Nov 13, 2019:
I wonder if the Dems want to tie up the Senate in months of impeachment so a replacement for Ginsberg won't be voted on until 2021?
Female gun owners seem to prefer AR-15 for home defense- []
timon_phocas comments on Nov 13, 2019:
It's pretty light and has very manageable recoil. What's not to like?
Just a few of the “many, many, many” people pressuring Hillary to get into the 2020 race.
timon_phocas comments on Nov 13, 2019:
Hillary Clinton is as reluctant to be the Democratic nominee as a great white shark is to eat tuna.
Philip Cross, a Wikipedia "Narrative" Editor - I always thought Wikipedia was a bad idea...
timon_phocas comments on Nov 13, 2019:
I keep an old set of encyclopedias, and hundreds of other books for just that reason.
BOMBSHELL: Another Whistleblower Comes Forward, Files Complaint Against Ukraine Whistleblower For ...
timon_phocas comments on Nov 13, 2019:
A federal intelligence officer being paid almost a quarter-million dollars by anonymous donors. Sounds like corruption to me.
My Great Grandfather's letter to the returning Soldiers from WW1 - 26th February 1919 In a ...
timon_phocas comments on Nov 11, 2019:
Canadians were the best paid, best trained, and most effective of the British Empire's troops on the Western Front. They also had the highest STD rate. Some people debate whether that was due to their higher pay or a natural superiority in their studliness. There's no question in my mind that the former merely provided the latter its wherewithal. General Sir Arthur Currie was, in my opinion, the best Allied General on the Western Front. With that combination of manpower and leadership, Canada punched way above it's weight class in WWI. It's a proud heritage.
Guardian: Houston pot smokers see caged tiger, weren't hallucinating... []
timon_phocas comments on Nov 11, 2019:
In Texas, it would seem, you not only have a right to keep and bear arms, you also have a right to keep and arm bears...
The Berlin Wall came down today 30 years ago: 'Germany was first re-united on the dancefloor' - BBC ...
timon_phocas comments on Nov 9, 2019:
I remember watching the Berlin Wall go up on news broadcasts as a child. I thought it, and the odious tyranny it represented, were permanent fixtures. I was astonished when the Wall went down. I never imagined the Soviets would let go of East Germany. As the Warsaw Pact dissolved like a soaked sand castle, we hosted a wonderful young lady from the old East Germany. Simone was a vibrant, bubbly young woman. Amazed at our life in the States. Her joy at finally being able to travel was infectious. She's a nurse now in Berlin. I never thought it would happen. I was wrong. Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher were right. Thank You, Father God.
[] Boot Camp For Marine Corps Recruits.
timon_phocas comments on Nov 9, 2019:
The gas chamber was the one part of boot camp that buffalo'd me. I climbed mountains. I bicycled 15 miles to and from work. The work was stacking wet lumber and I was crazy enough to run during the lunch hour. So the physical parts of boot camp were a snap. But the gas chamber... that was pure ugly. My eyes hurt, my throat hurt, my sinuses hurt, the pores of my skin hurt. We formed up outside after going through the gas chamber. The DI asked if we wanted to do it again. The rest of the platoon yelled out, "Sir, Yes Sir!" I yelled out, "F**k No!"
The next generation is starting to push back, [] []
timon_phocas comments on Nov 7, 2019:
I was mediocre competitive swimmer in high school and college. I never won medals or went to nationals. I won points for my team and I learned that success is defined by how much pain you're willing to push towards to achieve it. The mediocre males transitioning to female athletes are going for cheap gratification. They're also robbing the girl athletes who've paid the real price in pain for those medals.
Is all fair in love and war?
timon_phocas comments on Nov 7, 2019:
It's not necessarily a matter of morals, but rather of your hierarchy of moral principles. I am a believer in the Biblical accounts. There are many moral absolutes in the Bible. But many of those absolutes have remarkably fuzzy edges. In the Decalogue lying is absolutely forbidden. But in 1st Samuel Michal, David's wife, is implicitly praised for lying to protect David from Saul's jealous rage. She was lying to save a life. Again, implicitly praised. There are many examples of these kinds of moral hierarchies in operation in Bible accounts. Are Prager U videos false? Are they racist hate speech? If they are, are they egregious enough to be banned? If they aren't, are they dangerous enough to be lied about? Based on what hierarchy of values?
A classic arguement which needs to be looked at carefully. Should the U.S. upgrade it's tank fleet?
timon_phocas comments on Nov 5, 2019:
The Abram's was a revolution when it was introduced. It was absolutely dominant. So were the other elements of the 1980s military buildup. But they were all designed in the 1970s. The state of play in the 70s was that no main battle tank could survive fire from a another MBT. They fired from prepared positions and switched positions often. The 73 Israeli war showed this balance and their defense of the Golan was the basis of American armor doctrine for the next 30 years. The M-1 was invulnerable when it was introduced, but it is no longer. It looks like we're are back to the 70s state of play.
Babylon Bee: Texas luring Cali businesses with promises of electricity []
timon_phocas comments on Nov 4, 2019:
This is a case of satire being surpassed by reality. A nephew owns a machine shop down in Southern California. His largest customer, CMC, is shutting down it's rebar melt shop and moving it to another state. CMC cited Cali's regulatory environment, but Cali also has the highest electricity rates in the US.
Thinking about this idea of "cultural appropriation" I have come to the conclusion that is one of ...
timon_phocas comments on Nov 3, 2019:
Western literature begins with Homer. In this epic poem Homer, a Greek, writes more or less equally from the side and in the voice of Trojans. In other words, Western literature begins with "cultural appropriation." The term is meaningless because the practice is ubiquitous. It's like complaining about nitrogen in the air we breathe.
Is this equally controversial? Trans Man Won His Debut as Professional Boxer – Rolling Stone
timon_phocas comments on Nov 2, 2019:
I think it will be dangerous for trans men to compete against biological males in contact sports. This was a carefully stage managed debut designed to display her talents against an inferior competitor.
Shame that global market isn't so developed yet to give equal break to them all and that it will ...
timon_phocas comments on Nov 1, 2019:
Reminds me of the earliest days of the aircraft industry.
Since the Democrats are to blame for Jim Crow, how many Republicans on here would support ...
timon_phocas comments on Nov 1, 2019:
Howdy @WilyRickWiles, It's nice to see you finally admit Democrats are responsible for Jim Crow laws in the South. Maybe someday you'll admit the KKK was founded by Democrats.
VDH: California becoming premodern? []
timon_phocas comments on Oct 31, 2019:
California got it's name from a 16th century fantasy novel by Garcia de Montvalvo. He depicted it as a fabulous island filled with immense wealth and Amazons. My mother's grandfather came to California in 1871. He went to Redding, as far as the railroad would go. And there he was swindled into buying two sections of land. It was all Tehema Hardpan, so hard you can't drive rebar through it with a sledge hammer. Today, I suppose he'd declare bankruptcy. But it wasn't today, and he wasn't that kind of man. He used dynamite to dig holes, filled them with river bottom loam he hauled up from the Sacramento River (about a mile away). Then he planted fig trees and built a home. So, you see, California did become something like Montvalvo's fantasy, but only through the grinding work of countless people like my great grandfather. The elite inheritors of my great grandfather's work despise it. They think Montvalvo's fantasy sprang fully formed from the ground and that it is their birthright.
I’m still wondering how long this farce will be allowed to continue .
timon_phocas comments on Oct 31, 2019:
Moses commanded that, "At the hands of two or three witnesses everything shall be established." A couple of centuries later, Solomon wrote, "The first to speak in court seems right, until the cross examination begins. Standards of evidence over three millennia old. And none of this is happening in Schiff's hearing. By his design.
THERE IS NO GLOBAL CLIMATE EMERGENCY! GOLDSTEIN: Trudeau will keep pretending his carbon tax works ...
timon_phocas comments on Oct 31, 2019:
Of course the carbon tax works. It collects revenue from taxpayers for a pius sounding cause.
Pamela Geller, Breitbart News: Mom Protests Supremacist All-Halal Meat Policy at Public Schools in ...
timon_phocas comments on Oct 31, 2019:
I spent ten years in the meat industry. Kosher meat costs considerably more than regular meat. So does Halal meat. The school district is lying.
How many acre-feet of water will California need if it doesn't rain this winter?
timon_phocas comments on Oct 30, 2019:
In "quietism" I recognize myself, and perhaps the IDW community.
Algeria: Another Christian Church to be Closed Source(s): Middle East Concern Date: 24 October ...
timon_phocas comments on Oct 30, 2019:
Algeria had dictatorship ever since they threw out the French. The leading families of the revolution ran Algeria out of their back pockets and for the their own benefit. That generation has died or declined into infirmity. A military junta has taken over. It looks like they're trying to gin up some popular support by persecuting Christians. Pretty common ploy in Muslim countries.
For this is he who was spoken of by the prophet Isaiah when he said, “The voice of one crying in ...
timon_phocas comments on Oct 29, 2019:
John followed the most rigorous, ascetic dietary requirements of Jewish law.
How Baghdadi's Death Reveals Trump's Clever Syria Strategy U.
timon_phocas comments on Oct 29, 2019:
"...and when in their wake, nothing remains but a desert, they call it peace..." Tacitus, Agricolla. And in the wake of this civil war, nothing remains but rubble and starved, terrified refugees. That's what's left of Syria. In addition, Iranian Revolutary Guards are stationing themselves on the Israeli border, triggering violent clashes there, too.
The NASA served it's main purpose of staying ahead of Soviets in the space-race when the SSSR fell ...
timon_phocas comments on Oct 29, 2019:
I fervently hope NASA has regained a sense of national mission. And perhaps SpaceX has given them a boot in urgency muscle. I certainly hope it works.
Mythologies of the 2016 election.
timon_phocas comments on Oct 29, 2019:
Interesting. This was spoken before the Democrat's pattern of mindless, unrelenting, ferocious attacks became apparent. Also, Comey has been revealed as far more mendacious than VDH observed. I think the Democrats' mindless jihad has accomplished what VDH wanted for Trump, to keep him top-of-mind for his new base. It's even welded them more firmly to him.
Are there any "left over women" around here?
timon_phocas comments on Oct 28, 2019:
Unwelcome, heretical, and true
ISIS leader believed to be killed in Syria- []
timon_phocas comments on Oct 27, 2019:
The Russians claimed to have killed al-Bagdhadi in a bombing raid in June of 2017. He's been surprisingly mobile since assuming room temperature. OTOH, he's been in the bull's-eye of of US Intel for many years, they'd surely kill him if they could. To paraphrase from "Ferris Bueler's Day Off," just roll his bones over here and I'll believe it.
This was made by Jews by the way []
timon_phocas comments on Oct 26, 2019:
So the Jewish Rothschild's can be as crooked and conniving as Cornelius Vanderbilt or John Jacob Astor or JP Morgan. What's the point?
timon_phocas comments on Oct 26, 2019:
What's the tipping point where people tune out the shrill, apocalyptic accusations and tune in to people like these?
timon_phocas comments on Oct 25, 2019:
Deeply inspiring. The ancient Greeks thought thought their mythic heroes were a different breed, born of the gods. Jimmy Lai is a hero, born of John Adams. God bless him.
Hey! Beto! If the Trump administration was really a reincarnation of The Third Reich, do you think ...
timon_phocas comments on Oct 23, 2019:
Within a year of 'Dolf becoming German Chancellor, freedom of press was cancelled, opposition parties were banned from advertising or any mention in the press, communists and their allies were arrested, the gestapo was founded and so were concentration camps. No, Robert Francis O'Rourke only feels secure attacking Trump because he knows Trump is utterly unlike Hitler
timon_phocas comments on Oct 23, 2019:
A calm voice in a hurricane of invective
2019 Ozone Hole is the Smallest on Record Since Its Discovery Abnormal weather patterns in the ...
timon_phocas comments on Oct 23, 2019:
I liked it when they teamed the Ozone Hole and Acid Rain together as twin apocalyptic menaces. It was comforting to know we'd all die of skin cancer before the fishing got bad ...
There is a serious push to recall California Governor Gavin Newsom.
timon_phocas comments on Oct 22, 2019:
Well, a successful recall would short circuit any national ambitions for Newsom, so it would have some benefit.
Biological Male and Trans Athlete Wins Women’s World Cycling Competition, Again; Slams ...
timon_phocas comments on Oct 22, 2019:
"Transgender women" are transforming women's athletics into a Special Olympics for mediocre male athletes.
4200 Word piece on a guy I never heard of and a lot of ideas strung together in ways I've never ...
timon_phocas comments on Oct 22, 2019:
Insightful piece. Thank you.
Why has the resistance to President Trump reached such apocalyptic proportions?
timon_phocas comments on Oct 22, 2019:
I agree. We could afford this one way generosity in 1945, when the US constituted two thirds of world economic output. We cannot afford it any more. It's been unaffordable for a generation.
Breaking news!! JK
timon_phocas comments on Oct 19, 2019:
Fake news at its finest!
Horrifying Report Says Girls Hold in Urine, Don't Drink, Skip School To Avoid Boys in Gender-Neutral...
timon_phocas comments on Oct 19, 2019:
Abstruse theories as social policy ignore real boys and girls. And they wonder why homeschooling is gaining popularity.
timon_phocas comments on Oct 19, 2019:
Do not denigrate financial markets. Britain survived its eighteenth century wars with France. The French monarchy bankrupted itself and fell. The difference was Britain's banks and capital markets. The "capital" in capitalism from the large sums of money necessary to build profitable enterprises. That more or less requires financial markets. Entrepreneurs and financial capitalists work together hand in glove. It's always been that way. JP Morgan underwrote Edison and Carnegie. Railroads and factories were built because financiers saw profit potential.
You know what, I'm starting to lose interest slowly for the whole Artemis-project.
timon_phocas comments on Oct 19, 2019:
Ah yes, but they'll do it with WOMEN... If I had to make a bet, I'd bet SpaceX will get there first. The current US space program is largely a welfare program for aerospace giants. They do some brilliant science, but it's run by administrators What they need are driven, charismatic leaders.
I'm not sure how the Aerospike engines are all that history.. . []
timon_phocas comments on Oct 19, 2019:
Nice explanations.
PeggyNoonan: The Impeachment mood may change []
timon_phocas comments on Oct 18, 2019:
USC was the best team in college football back in 1972. Ohio State was it's opponent in the upcoming Rose Bowl. It was coached by the legendary Woody Hayes . It was widely predicted that USC would decisively defeat the Buckeyes. After all, they had a perfect, 12-0 season. John McKay (USC's coach) disagreed. He had a press conference in which he declared that the national championship was at stake. When asked why, he said," Woody's in town." I know it's ancient history, but... Impeachment is that kind of situation. Once the impeachment ball is in play, anything can happen. Peggy Noonan writes about this. Conservatives know what the state of our base is. Peggy Noonan knows how the center and center-right establishment feels about it.
Trump signs $1.8 billion autism funding bill []
timon_phocas comments on Oct 18, 2019:
This is one of those points of virtually unanimous agreement in the Congress. It had to be in order to get past the House Democrats. In this, it's like the prison reform passed earlier this year. In order to pass, the issue has to have near unanimous approval by the people and legislature and not conflict with the political programs of either party. There is a continuing deadlock for more substantial issues.
This group is titled "News from all views", but so far all I've read is one sided fear mongering and...
timon_phocas comments on Oct 18, 2019:
Howdy @Bojin, Welcome to the conversation. I am sorry that you are disappointed in the group. As a site dedicated to avoiding intellectual censorship, most people attracted to it will be right of center because most censorship is coming from the left. Content is user generated, so it will reflect that right of center population. But it is user generated, so find some interesting material and post it to get more balance. Again, welcome to the conversation.
I love it when one of us common folks is not star struck by some inane celebrity.
timon_phocas comments on Oct 18, 2019:
God bless him the old farmer. Alan Graham sounds like a stand up guy.
Project Veritas exposes CNN bias! [youtube.
timon_phocas comments on Oct 17, 2019:
Project Veritas is the core of real journalism today.
"We've got to go to work!" commuters shouted - Extinction Rebellion activist dragged from roof of ...
timon_phocas comments on Oct 17, 2019:
Extinction Activists? Let the trains run and they could have achieved it personally...
Coffee time...And Mark Dice. []
timon_phocas comments on Oct 17, 2019:
Fifty years ago, if I walked into a DMV office and declared myself to be Napoleon Bonaparte I would be refused a driver's license and sent to a mental health facility. Today, if I walk into a DMV and declare myself to be Madame Curie, anyone who did not refer to me using female pronouns would be referred to a mental health facility. Dang, I missed my opportunity to use florescent body paint!
lol Baltimore meant everything to him.
timon_phocas comments on Oct 17, 2019:
EIijah Cummings was part of the political elite that floated on the top of a great city's descent into squalor and endemic violence.
Not that different than what Donald Barr was arguing! []
timon_phocas comments on Oct 16, 2019:
Thirty-two years ago? In a tiny, isolated corner of the rural South? And that represents just what today?
Dreams of Green ... Are We Talking Power ... or Money?
timon_phocas comments on Oct 16, 2019:
It's more complicated than the article states. Houses that are totally off the electrical grid can get by with solar panels and a battery backup system. But even here it's complicated. You need to have an intelligent system to decide what circuits to power when the batteries get low. Do you want a generator backup for when the battery bank exhausts itself? Something to start it automatically? If the house is on the grid, has solar panels and a battery bank it's even more complicated. You need a smart system to monitor power generation, battery status, your house's consumption and what you're feeding to the grid. Complicated, not to mention expensive. I think the most cost effective solution is a gas powered backup generator and some heavy guage extension cords.
The American relationship to guns is "constitutional", fetishistic thoughts and feelings about ...
timon_phocas comments on Oct 12, 2019:
Howdy @DrN1, This is an oversimplification of the US and firearms. America did not watch one too many episodes of Gunsmoke and then suddenly get up and buy a hundred million firearms. Firearms are woven into four centuries of American history. The colonies were established on the edge of a continental wilderness. You needed a weapon for protection if you went much further than your barn. Firearms became a ubiquitous tool in a way they never did in Europe. Wild game was an essential part of every family's diet. The essential food part lasted well into modern times. From Annie Oakley to Audie Murphy people wrote about learning to shoot well to feed their families. Biographies of WWII pilots mention this as a common thread in American aces' childhoods. In eighteenth or early nineteenth century Europe, the country had to buy firearms and train new soldiers to fire them. In America people bought their own firearms and trained themselves. They were a vast, nascent guerilla militia. They made America unconquerable. This applied as late as WWII. The Japanese never considered invading America, even after Pearl Harbor, because they feared the inevitable guerilla war. This is a historical taproot of our Second Amendment. Europeans made tales of Roland and his sword, Durendal. Geoffrey of Monmouth wrote of Arthur and Excalibur. They wrote of a man and his trusty weapon taking stand against fearsome odds. In America those tales involve a gun. Maybe it is a fetish. Maybe all national myths start as fetishes. But it can't be simply turned off like a light switch.
Notice how the Nordic countries are leading the world in low carbon energy transitions
timon_phocas comments on Oct 11, 2019:
If Nordic low-carbon power generation makes money without government subsidies, American companies will buy the technologies and employ them here. Current wind and solar generation are only employed because of $40/megawatt-hour subsidies. Even then they still cost more than fossil fueled generation.
"...and the Pursuit of Happiness." What does that mean?
timon_phocas comments on Oct 10, 2019:
I heard that Ben Franklin felt "life, liberty and property" sounded too exclusive and suggested "pursuit of happiness" as more appealing.
Your thoughts on this one- [] News station "racist" headline in Atlanta Braves NLDS loss.
timon_phocas comments on Oct 10, 2019:
Oh come on... It must have been easier to live under the old Inquisition. At least then all you had to worry about was the correct answer to how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.
Annnnnnnnnnnndddddddddd Liberals Colleges are starting to hurt. [] []
timon_phocas comments on Oct 9, 2019:
I think the private liberal arts colleges are missing a great opportunity because they're teaching every subject through the lense of current ideology. Every society needs to be analysed on its own terms. Study the language, the literature, the religion, the history and economics. What are the rewards and penalties of the society? Then see how human nature displays itself in those conditions. What I've just described is a Classicist approach to Greece and Rome. The advantage of this discipline is that it's so long ago and far away that it divorces you from the passions of the present. And yet it gives you the analytical framework to observe and describe the present. Colleges following this approach (classical, religious or simply rigorous) are not shutting down.
Annnnnnnnnnnndddddddddd Liberals Colleges are starting to hurt. [] []
timon_phocas comments on Oct 9, 2019:
I think they've priced themselves out of the market. They've also alienated themselves from the culture at large. If you have to endure four years of leftist indoctrination, do to a state school that's cheaper.
Now that's racist. That's nitpicking and racist. []
timon_phocas comments on Oct 9, 2019:
Traffic stop for Driving While Black, so sad 1. The driver handled this well. Polite, obedient to commands, and video the entire episode. 2. I happened across a supporting article in the Guardian:.
timon_phocas comments on Oct 9, 2019:
What a piece of work! She's lucky that Republicans and Jews don't believe in stoning adulteresses. We leave that to advocates of the "religion of peace."
Is what you believe to be true really true? []
timon_phocas comments on Oct 9, 2019:
Informative, interesting. Thank you
I thought there was such thing as "freedom of religion".
timon_phocas comments on Oct 8, 2019:
Leftists are assiduously redefining tradional freedoms out of existence. It's a combination of Orwell's Doublethink and Newspeak concepts. The idea is to threaten small businesses with bankruptcy to strongarm them into obedience. A number of legal foundations, mostly faith based, offer free legal representation to those singled out for retribution. It's a very long, very expensive process. These principles are worth the struggle.
9 Things You Need To Know About Turkey, Simon Constable - Contributor Turkey is in a mess.
timon_phocas comments on Oct 7, 2019:
Howdy @JimbobNE, Substantive and informative, thank you
Facebook verification of posts?? Apparently I spread fake news... thanks Facebook ...
timon_phocas comments on Oct 7, 2019:
A badge of honor
2791, Hong Kong Protest Anthem is Christian Song, 2791 []
timon_phocas comments on Oct 7, 2019:
This is music to my ears, but it is not reassuring to Beijing because of Chinese history. I think they see this (and Christianity in general) as roots of another potential Taiping Rebellion.

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