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Retired paralegal. Lifelong learner and horrified by the general direction the US and Canada have moved.


RedState: Is it a new Cuban Revolution?
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 14, 2021:
RedState: Is it a new Cuban Revolution?
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 14, 2021:
Having spent some time in Cuba, I am surprised and encouraged by these uprisings. This was not even possible under the Castro regimes. Castro was notorious for disappearing dissidents to brutal prisons which are, of course, still fully operational. Cubans themselves are a wonderful people filled with a surprising level of optimism and ingenuity borne in response to the oppressive Castro regime.
Macron's call for 'compulsory vaccinations' the first step in 'global authoritarian wave' | Sky ...
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 14, 2021:
The path to global totalitarian control is murky, confusing and conflicting, but mostly just f'n terrifying. Extremely difficult to fight a moving target, and I suspect that is exactly the point. Amazing how quickly these "elected" leaders are rapidly becoming dictators. Does Macron's move effectively fuel Marine Le Pen's campaign? Or would she too be bamboozled into supporting the globalists' agenda.
Caspian Report: Central Asia on the verge of a water war [youtu.
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 14, 2021:
Very very interesting. For Westerners so little is known about these regions and nothing is known of its history. I appreciate the opportunity to hear more about the Stans and the tensions between them. Prior to this, my only understanding was from the 90's when oil and gas resources were being promoted as investments. Interesting that Russia divided them knowing it was creating conflict. Is China at all involved these days? Thanks Krunoslav for posting this vid.
Larry Elder is running for CA governor! Larry Elder makes 'surprising' announcement on ...
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 14, 2021:
I wish him all the best. Californians have had it with the arrogant elitist Newsome. CA is bleeding fleeing residents. Elder has a massive following on his radio podcasts. Should be a very interesting race.
I personally may not agree with Ben Carson on things, but fatherless criss is important topic, that ...
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 14, 2021:
The prevelant issue of "male toxicity" and the extreme Feminist movement have done massive damage to the family unit. Masculinity is not toxic in its natural form but has been so denigrated by all the forms of media with the intention of destroying the family. In a healthy family mom is the nurturer as well as dad but dad also represents the harsh reality of real life. Life will not coddle you and children with a real dad learn this to their betterment. Both balance each other to better prepare kids for a full and successful life. The entertainment industry has made sexuality and promiscuity the desired norm and women and girl power in order to undermine family values. I don't think I have been as clear as I would like to have been but I hope my observations hold some merit.
Just a thought.
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 13, 2021:
A well-rounded broad based education was the norm for every generation and entirely doable until recent times. Get rid of sex education, CRT, feminism and political indoctrination and that would leave tons of room for a broad base of subjects including physical education, shop and home ec. Simply remove the brainwashing and we return to a full curriculum. Heck I even had a full year that apart from reading, writing, history, maths, geography, etc. that included Latin and French. That was my 8th grade in a nutshell. I'm old, but I'm not that old. Oddly though, memorization and regurgitation was not part of the curriculum. And critical thinking meant that you questioned things and you explored and researched matters of interest outside of the classroom.
Want some Carrot and orange marmalade?
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 13, 2021:
Grew up with grandparents and parents who'd do creamed vegetables. Never my favorite for sure. My parents were children during the Depression but luckily their families faired reasonably well through this trying time in history.
Can LARRY ELDER Turn California RED?
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 13, 2021:
This certainly could be interesting. The lawlessness and homeless destruction of CA cities along with Elders' practical approach contrasted against Newsome's elitest airs may finally wake Californians up.
Bible Bites | Jesus is Coming Back as a Political Leader Truth be told, this is something most ...
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 13, 2021:
Interesting interpretation. Political Leader? Revelations is clear his return will not be meek and mild, but rather as a warrior “I saw heaven standing open and there before me was a white horse, whose rider is called Faithful and True. With justice, He judges and ***wages war***.
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 13, 2021:
It is quite clear Xi is not taking Blinkin's comments and upbraiding seriously. As long as the US is all talk and no action Xi is free to do as he pleases. Same goes for Putin and all the cyberattacks.
Capitol Police to use Army surveillance gear to monitor Americans and ‘identify emerging ...
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 13, 2021:
What is unique about the use of USCP for civilian surveillance is this: > “Congress is not subject to the law, and the Capitol Police, as a component of the legislative branch, is also exempt from any FOIA request,” the report stated. That, in and of itself, should be cause for alarm. THAT explains why they are opening up regional offices and will be using this equipment. ANY other law enforcement agency IS subject to FOIA requests. UNACCOUNTABILITY and a total lack of transparency MUST be cause for ALARM.
India-Japan make China sweat on 2 different fronts | TFI Global Vid 5:57 mins. []
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 12, 2021:
The US currently refuses to back Taiwan. Xi has Biden in his back pocket. If Xi goes after Taiwan, his next assault will be on Japan, then India. I doubt Xi would hesitate with the US sitting idly by. Trump firmly supported all three nations and although not a war monger, Xi knew not to piss him off. Should be interesting going into the Fall. Xi is getting seriously antsy.
Scenes of war in South Africa right now. Civil war... []
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 12, 2021:
Sorry Jenna, I just read your earlier post. Are you safe?
So the Zulus in SA are having a big violent tantrum because a South African President has been sent ...
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 12, 2021:
I do.
Scenes of war in South Africa right now. Civil war... []
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 12, 2021:
I was thinking about you, Jenna, when I'd heard this was happening. Is this Africaner Farmers protecting themselves and also rising up? Please give us a bit more narrative so we understand better. Almost no news coverage.
Miami Mayor Calls For US Intervention In Cuba As THOUSANDS Protest Against Communist Dictatorship ...
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 12, 2021:
We have no business interfering with Cuba. If we did have the right to do so, it should have been done decades ago. To do so now would also rile Russia and China. Frankly there's enough Tom Fuckery going on in the international sphere right now and you know damn well Biden and Blinken would only screw things up worse.
The Military is Going WOKE, Are We DOOMED? []
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 12, 2021:
Xi is heavily building up his military while Biden is actively destroying ours. Doesn't that just make you feel all warm and fuzzy.
She absurdly said it was 'almost impossible' for rural Americans to photocopy their ID while ...
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 11, 2021:
That's the problem, flyover elites making assumptions about the heartland and rural residents. Painfully obvious with these two.
Nothing to investigate
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 10, 2021:
They'll just attribute the net worth to her husband. Slithery Dems.. as usual.
I have just had my book "The Pastor and the Matriarch of the German Underground and Their Times – ...
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 9, 2021:
“I remembered Papa talking about Stalin confiscating peasants' land, tools, and animals.
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 9, 2021:
So basically, Lenin unwhittingly unleashed Stalin when the fickle finger of fate played its hand. Thanks Kruno, most interesting. Hopefully I'll get a chance to hear Part II.
Tucker: Not Only Are These People Crazed Ideologues, They’re Stupid []
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 8, 2021:
Just stop this insanity. Cameras in the classroom, we are now finding out, should have been there a decade or two ago.
When The Biden Administration Knocks On Your Door… []
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 8, 2021:
Accurate, glad she was locked and loaded.
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 8, 2021:
Not before they have us all pay for their goodies. Green energy doesn't work but it will on a small scale. Lets make the dumb population pay for the coast to coast set up of our future systems, then milk them for everything they've got through illness and medical expenses.
Global warming guru Thunberg abuses woke leaders because no one else will listen | Sky News ...
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 8, 2021:
LOL. The only response she elicits from me. That world leaders give her the time of day just shows how complicit they are in the whole sky is falling narrative.
Survey: almost half of young Australians would opt for a lockdown over a flu outbreak | Sky News ...
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 8, 2021:
This is clear evidence just how much propaganda was fed to Millenials and all others of following demographics, who appear to be far more susceptible to fear mongering narratives. The school systems have completely brainwashed our children and so the plandemic narrative has particularly affected them. I will post something I read on here yesterday which clearly outlines the methods used during the pandemic by all governments across the globe. But can you imagine how emotionally and mentally damaged children currently in school are going to be. The level of obedience based on fear just ratcheted up exponentially and I doubt there's anything we will ever be able to do to bring back sane thinking. Please read this article, don't waste time on the video enclosed, it is the methods being employed that matter, and "they" will not stop there. This is only the beginning of the NWO
Bitcoin prices have crashed. WTF happened???
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 7, 2021:
Actually, what really happened was China outlawed them and mining them. So, briefly they appeared with blank values on the stock exchange this morning, but later in the day the figures were again added and each had gained in value. Just China f'n with us.
How To Fight The Woke | JP Sears - MP Podcast 90 [youtube.
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 7, 2021:
Really good interview. His take on empathy is at first jaring but well worth some introspection and temporing. Sure does make you look at it differently and the people you know who do not recognize the many aspects of it including the negative draw on one's own actions. Nice to hear more of his background and thoughts in general.
No Good Reason the Cryptocurrency Sphere Shouldn't Box Out China Completely China appears at the...
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 7, 2021:
This is all crazy. Bitcoin and Etherium are not even listed on the financial sites right now. In what realm did China gain power over cryptocurrencies to the extent they could deep six these two giants??
[] Churches burned on Canada Day long weekend, and the media is partially to blame
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 7, 2021:
Very balanced report by Candace Malcolm. Kuddos. Horrendous. The government has had all this information for decades and decades. Now the refuge and hard won churches (member's funds invested in) are being destroyed. All part of a war on religions. Did you know the newest quirk is believing the "the light", or honoring your own light is the way kids want to go. After all it has no "rules" that are confining. Worship the creation, not the Creator.
[] Reiner Fullmich and Brian Gerrish Interview.
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 7, 2021:
Finely tuned applied behavioural psychology and propaganda. How the public can be so easily misled still stuns me. But I'm also one of those people who never got hooked on TV at any point in my life it was take it or leave it, mostly leave it. I can got hooked on cigies but it seems not on media or cell phones.
Supermarkets Are Stockpiling FOOD In Preparation For Some Kind Of Crash, They Can See It Coming ...
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 7, 2021:
Documenting Morons... Coffee with Mark Dice []
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 7, 2021:
The zombies walk, breath and talk pure BS. Sadly they vote too.
Did Sleepy Joe wake up? []
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 7, 2021:
Power is his elixer. Although I suspect there is a neurolink on his scalp.
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 7, 2021:
Lighthous out to be locked up in a nut house and the key thrown away. Listening to her only drives the point home.
Pinball Prepping - Has CyberPolygon already started?
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 7, 2021:
The likelihood of the internet going down is huge. Banking would be a nightmare. I wonder how many vax canvasers are going to be injured while they attempt to carry out their duties?
Shock Video: Democrats Pledge Allegiance to Communism
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 7, 2021:
Remarkable tenacity. Ridiculed for years he's still out there telling the truth. I admire his courage.
Ancient Roman road found hidden in Bosnian forest Vid 1:09 mins. []
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 7, 2021:
Doesn't look all that hidden. Amazing how well preserved they are.
Taliban and Afghan delegation hold meeting in Tehran | US Troops withdrawal Vid 8:26 mins.
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 7, 2021:
The Afghani citizens brace for the worst. 40 years without peace and no end in sight. Those who can flee are doing so, and those who can't Lord help them.
Democrats plan to zero out wall funding and reduce Border Patrol money in 22 amid historic surge ...
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 6, 2021:
I particularly found it disturbing that they technically want to defund the border agents, add significant funds to prosecuting border and agents and provide body cameras to agents in order to monitor their activity. God help us. Meanwhile, OHIO has also sent some of their National Guard to assist border agents.
Secret Meeting of Media Kingpins Is Happening This Week! []
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 6, 2021:
BRAVO Mark!! So now we have Builderberg, Davos, Sun Valley meetings every year. Charming! Move along folks, nothing to see here.
Rolf Kaestel & Clinton-Era Arkansas Prison Corruption - Viva & Barnes HIGHLIGHT! []
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 6, 2021:
The Clintons will be dead and gone and the atrocities of these two will still keep cropping up
Dean Cain: I'm tired of 'woke-ism and anti-Americanism' Capt.
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 6, 2021:
Dean is right. Most of those griping have never traveled anywhere else in the world to see how unique our world is. I'd love to see some of these people who claim some form of ethnicity to travel to and live in the countries that are the source of these ethnicities.
Good news. Vaccinations increase, cases and deaths decrease. []
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 6, 2021:
And the sheep line up. :(
Citizens rush to leave Afghanistan as Taliban retake territory | DW News I guess the Afghanis ...
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 6, 2021:
Pray for the people. As many can get out good for them. I am sure a great many will not be able to. Sad times ahead for a peoples that seem rarely to have known peace.
Timcast IRL - Largest Teacher's Union APPROVES Teaching Marxism, CRT, In Schools w/Asra Nomani - ...
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 6, 2021:
Between CRT, toxic masculinity theory and sexual perversion I am utterly amazed parents aren't shutting schools down and homeschooling. Sadly most families can't do this and still pay the bills. All of this is criminal distruction of society as a whole.
Cuck Shabbos Goy Biden
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 6, 2021:
And the world continues to laugh at this clown and, by association, the USA.
Sa'ar 4.
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 6, 2021:
Really interesting. Precision swiss army style designs. Under 50 crew requirements. Really enjoyed this and forwarded the link to my son, a naval engineer.
This Gravitas anchor, Palki Uphayhad, labels the developing internal conflict in Afghanistan at the...
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 5, 2021:
I am surprised you didn't include her broadcast.
"The colossal misunderstanding of our time is the assumption that insight will work with people who ...
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 5, 2021:
I've noticed his videos on Brand New Tube but I hadn't actually watched them. Now I know I should have. I am shocked at the content of the 1981 movie and how very accurate it is. As to what AU is doing, its friggin worse than Canada which is bad enough. The police scenes are outright terror and brutality.
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 5, 2021:
You can't expand the document in order to read it and there is no sound track.
Dr. Peter McCullough Warnings on Covid Vaccinations - 2231
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 5, 2021:
The end of modern medicine.
Top Secret Meeting of Mainstream Media, Big Tech, and Intelligence Heads Is Taking Place This Week ...
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 5, 2021:
How very comforting. And since 1983. Feel like a sucker yet??
Problems with academia in Western nations. []
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 5, 2021:
I was stunned Ms. Peterson was that naive about the Social Credit System. Well educated these days make one question the quality of education they are receiving. Extremely sad review of Sanford.
Fun and appropriate for Independence Day viewing.
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 5, 2021:
The actual movie clips have a horrid sound track!!! Thank God for subtitles. Hubby got several. (He's addicted to war movies).
Is this well known. No. Latest Victoria Australia. Forced vaccines on children
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 5, 2021:
I'm amazed people are not permanently removing their children from these schools and finding ways to home teach.
Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot attacks Newsmax | REACTION Vid 8:40 mins []
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 4, 2021:
With her track record, will the electorate ever vote her out? Seems to be the only way to save Chicago. Are we certain these cities have not been tampering with the citizen's water? How else can such colossal failures continue to hold office and sway voters?
Problem is.
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 4, 2021:
Right or wrong, our society as a whole assumes people fall on hard times because of their own behavior or choices they've made. Sad, but true.
Rebel News: Vandalizing and burning down churches is not progress towards reconciliation ...
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 4, 2021:
He's right. This is not the indigenous peoples' response. This is SJW's gone amuck. It was predicted long ago that "they" would come after the churches and try to destroy religion. Sadly it has come to pass and likely will only grow. Ignorance has bred these malcontents.
How China Took Control of American Medicine. Did you know the US can't make its own penicillin?
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 4, 2021:
All the while I'm listening to this my mind is seeing the devestation of the north eastern towns and cities filled with empty decaying factory sites, poorly kept homes and roads and low wage workers scrambling to put inceasingly expensive food on their tables. I believe in capitalism and the mixed economy, but seriously think the only solution starts with training up generations of young taught to understand true ethics and its relationship to a properly functioning world in every aspect. Profit for profit's sake has destroyed this country from the ground up. Do you honestly think US can stand up to China and make demands or possibly engage in conflict when our industries, Wall Street and government sold those rights long ago. And Xi just laughs.
Happy independence day.... and reeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh []
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 4, 2021:
Thanks Remi. I really didn't need this today, or any day for that matter. Nice try though.
Evanston, Illinois Cancels 4th Of July Parade, Still Celebrates Juneteenth And Gay Pride With ...
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 4, 2021:
Charming to say the least.
China Seized Tibet and Most of the World Yawned.
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 2, 2021:
Firstly, when did China actually seize Tibet?? And why was there little or no coverage or outcry from the international community?? This truly is shocking. As to the heavy damming of the Mekong Delta, why was/is this not brought before the UN or the World Courts as a true danger to all of the countries dependent on the Delta. Absolutely atrocious that China is such a bad and dangerous neighbor. I could never be a globalist, but in this case global citizenship transcends politics and needs to be sternly addressed.
Happy 4th of July
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 2, 2021:
Same to you @neverover
BOMBSHELL New Photo CRUSHES Biden’s DENIALS About HUNTER [youtube.
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 2, 2021:
Highly unlikely. Nobody who could do something about this gives a shit. Laugh's on the Right. Nobody cares.
Censorship & Cancel Culture_ Facebook Now Sending Warnings to Some Users About Potentially ...
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 2, 2021:
“Facebook randomly sent me ..." I'm sure they are now looking at "friends" lists of so called extremists to see who will bite or, alternatively, will think they have to rat or be included as extremists themselves. Outright evil just how extreme Big Tech has become (or always was and is now owning up to).
Here is the Result of Our Futile Attempts in Afghanistan [youtube.]
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 2, 2021:
We should never ever have tried to do a damn thing with Afghanistan. Frigin US generals again f'd up and continued rather than admit fools' play.
LA County Health Officials Blame Rise in STD Cases on ‘Racism’ Of course.
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 1, 2021:
"the rise in STDS is the sexualization of our society to the point there are apps for casual and nameless sexual “hook-ups” and the normalization of sexual activity with everything including doorknobs" WTF are they doing with doorknobs????
LA County Health Officials Blame Rise in STD Cases on ‘Racism’ Of course.
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 1, 2021:
How can a person this unhealthy looking be head of LA County’s Department of Public Health" (or whatever her title is). ghoul is more like it.
US is not being turned into Soviet Union by Communists.
toronto_Georgia comments on Jun 30, 2021:
Technocrats are turning it into a part of the Fourth Reich.
Gotta love JP []
toronto_Georgia comments on Jun 29, 2021:
Always fun (and true). He's FIT man, in case you didn't notice.
RATINGS for Liberal Late Night Hosts IMPLODE [] More good news.
toronto_Georgia comments on Jun 29, 2021:
Colbert actually used to be funny as all get out... and then. Rather like the death of SNL. Poor judgment boys... :)
SHOCK STUDY Shows US Media COLLAPSING [] Good news.
toronto_Georgia comments on Jun 29, 2021:
We do not have news stations. MSM is pure propaganda for the left or the right. Russians are smart enough to recognize the machine in operation. Still waiting for the dumbed down populations here to wake up. Not holding my breath.
“The Shot Heard Round the World Was in Arizona” – Steve Bannon with TGP’s Jim and Joe Hoft ...
toronto_Georgia comments on Jun 28, 2021:
Still waiting for the audit results to be released. Will it be "the Shot..." time will tell. Hard to keep the faith with all the forces of pure evil playing the American population. Now the drive is on to totally discredit Trump in all aspects not only of his presidency but in his come-back too. Gore, the puke, is now included in this aggressive drive. Never, ever is the word "globalists" mentioned. Average US citizen is such a dolt. Truly sad.
Klaus Schwab appears to have been 23 when he graduated high school?
toronto_Georgia comments on Jun 28, 2021:
Did anyone ever watch the series "Man in the High Castle". The series final showed Hitler living happily in Argentina. Hollywood often show us the truth, or alternatively what the globalists plan for us in their productions. Was this as well a confirmation of the Fourth Reich to come??
Klaus Schwab appears to have been 23 when he graduated high school?
toronto_Georgia comments on Jun 28, 2021:
Surpised not a single comment on his age at H.S. graduation, nor on my suspicion we are talking the Fourth Reich?
VIDEO: AOC Ignores Crime Stats; Claims Crime Surge Is ‘Hysteria’ US Rep.
toronto_Georgia comments on Jun 28, 2021:
Reality never was her friend was it?
Viva Frei: Ep.
toronto_Georgia comments on Jun 28, 2021:
Always fun and interesting to listen to Viva and Barnes. The entire power structure throughout every institution in the country is so corrupt it groans and threatens collapse of what we loosely refer to as civilization. May you live in interesting times.
Since when has the word "diversity" become treated like a taboo word?
toronto_Georgia comments on Jun 27, 2021:
Only when one is unjustly villanized. Diversity of cultures as been a joy to my life. CRT and a very direct attack on the white race is a crime, plain and simple.
Two dogs and a stick.
toronto_Georgia comments on Jun 27, 2021:
You really can't beat dogs. The big one is gentle, the little one is fierce. And I'll bet dollars to donuts the l ittle one is madly in love with the big one.
Left’s hypocrisy exposed in response to Iran’s new leader Raisi Greg Sheridan 12:00AM June ...
toronto_Georgia comments on Jun 27, 2021:
Ever seen the pics of DeBasio's daughter before attending University and after? TaDah... the squad.
FBI Gets TRO'ed for Abusive Civil Forfeiture - Viva Frei Vlawg []
toronto_Georgia comments on Jun 27, 2021:
FBI has become a renegade organization and needs to be shut down. The Michigan kidnapping case and the Jan 6th "insurrection" are further proof this organization has ceased to serve any positive use as a viable instrument of the government or We The People.
A Woman in Halifax Nova Scotia Breaks her Silence! []
toronto_Georgia comments on Jun 27, 2021:
In the first place there is absolutely no real content to her message other than the initial announcement that FDA will not approve the vaccine. I then watched the one she had posted about Ford's announcement and the takedown of people in their homes. The sound track is quite obviously a voice-over of a couple of actors pretending to be policemen. This video is a take-down but the voice-over is FAKE FAKE FAKE. Only idiots will emotionally buy this. Is he doing this? That may well be but this video ruins any attempt to warn people. What a total waste of a prime opportunity.
Are Americans overly dependent on taxpayers?
toronto_Georgia comments on Jun 26, 2021:
Retirement should not be included in this account or question. Try 40 or 50 years non-voluntary contribution to this ponzi scheme, then blame the contributees for scaming the government and taxpayers. I think NOT. PS: For those who laugh at this comment, I do not collect social security or medicare. My pension comes from the Canadian government. Neither invested the funds in anything with a remotely reasonable return on investment either.
'My definition of an intellectual is someone who can listen to the William Tell Overture without ...
toronto_Georgia comments on Jun 26, 2021:
Or thinking of sex.
Perhaps the most famous of these was Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, the notorious sex Guru and Guru of the ...
toronto_Georgia comments on Jun 26, 2021:
I read a lot of this, but not all. I do remember the case though. Incredibly shocking at the time.
what percentage of vaccines do you believe were paid for by taxpayers?
toronto_Georgia comments on Jun 26, 2021:
That should be 100%
toronto_Georgia comments on Jun 26, 2021:
That truly is a tough one. Faith as a mustard seed does not begin to reach those lofty heights.
From Rebel News : Trudeau’s C-36 allows secret complaints against you — so you will never know ...
toronto_Georgia comments on Jun 26, 2021:
Could not getting vaxed, and speaking out about why not cause people to hate you, fear you and swear you are spreading "hate" thoughts??? Think about that.
From Rebel News : Trudeau’s C-36 allows secret complaints against you — so you will never know ...
toronto_Georgia comments on Jun 26, 2021:
Horrendous. This last year or so has forever changed what it means to be Canadian. I have always bled Canadian Maple Leaves .... not so anymore. Now I only feel shame. Thanks Justin, you piece of theatrical shit.
The historian Christopher Lasch criticized the Frankfurt School for their initial tendency of ...
toronto_Georgia comments on Jun 26, 2021:
Just shoot me now LOL.
toronto_Georgia comments on Jun 26, 2021:
Very little discussion of the "shedding" issue ... how and when. The other point seriously not covered, I'm sure it may have been in others of this series, was the disabling of human immune response systems. The spike protein completely disables responses to any other invaders to our systems. What if the world wide vaccine effort reaches its max, then they unleash the next deadly virus. No one will be able to mount any level of resistance and the deaths will be catastrophic.
Bombshell Testimony: Dominion Ran Election …NOT The Government! - []
toronto_Georgia comments on Jun 25, 2021:
Totally wrong how the initial vote count was run. Will we see true results here. Time will tell but I am skeptical of all post 11-3-20 corrections.
I'm fed up with female athletes complaining about trans-women invading their sports.
toronto_Georgia comments on Jun 24, 2021:
LOL, will brass do??
PJMedia: Oregon Education: A bill to prohibit Oregon schools from requiring students to show they ...
toronto_Georgia comments on Jun 23, 2021:
What post-secondary school is going to accept any of these students, knowing their credentials may in fact buy you a donut, if you're very lucky??
Yo, want nazis? Here's the President of Mexico.
toronto_Georgia comments on Jun 23, 2021:
You want Biden? We'll trade.
Listen and weep.
toronto_Georgia comments on Jun 23, 2021:
Pardon my ignorance. He repeatedly refers to Disney. Would some one elaborate on that for me please?
Is Bill Maher Getting RED PILLED?
toronto_Georgia comments on Jun 22, 2021:
And the pendulum swings...
Nebraska Sending State Troopers to Texas Border; Major Police Departments Losing Officers | NTD ...
toronto_Georgia comments on Jun 22, 2021:
Re: Border, glad to see Nebraska Sending State Troopers along with those of Florida. We need more states to contribute as well.

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