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LINK Tucker Carlson: Our leadership class is fanning racial flames. They're doing nothing to calm the situation

If you were watching any of the coverage from Minneapolis about what happened Wednesday night, you know perfectly well that what's happening on the streets there. No matter what it may look like, is actually a quest for justice.

It's long overdue search for answers by legitimately frustrated protesters who, if we are going to be honest about it, have been oppressed for so long they can no longer stand idle. What you're seeing in Minneapolis is democracy in its purest form.

RAZE 7 May 29

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BLM protests are in reality anti-white hate protests. George Soros and other millionaires fund these hate groups in order to promote open borders and mass third world immigration. They want to destroy the nation state.


This is the result of the relentless propgation of the lies that their behavior and actions are due to 400 years of oppression, that white people are responsible not them, that they don't have any choices about their lives and are doomed to abject poverty. They therefore believe they are entitled to a basic income, jobs and higher education based on the color of their skin and to blame everyone else for their woes, poor chouces and behavior. It doesn't matter what color skin your is if you choose to believe these types of
lies you've doomed yourself to a life of your own creation. Explain why not all black people believe this and are out rampaging.I call BS.

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