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Tucker Carlson exposes radical agenda of BLM leaders and politicians who cower in fear-

SpikeTalon 9 June 17

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BLM is a lie


Tucker nails it on this one. People better wake up soon and realize what's going on here. We're being duped into denying the principles our country was founded on and have guided the American way of life for over 240 years.

The minute I heard the phrase "black lives matter" I knew something was amiss. People don't throw out no-brainer catchphrases like that unless there's an underlying agenda. We now know what that agenda is. It's not about improving black lives. It's about fundamentally changing our way of life, and if it succeeds, blacks will be miserable. Imagine being 15% of the population and then realize that, under socialism, self-determination has vanished.


Carlson is dead right! But I'm hoping the silent majority will make their feelings known come November.
Otherwise, may our lord Zoroaster save the free world should an Obuma like weakling such as creepy Joe Biden move in to the WH!


People who kowtow to BLM's thuggery, do so in order to advance their careers

Careers such as leaders of the snowflake brigades?


You say that, but they're taking over schools, universities, media, ....

@Lt-JW What do you mean " taking over?" They already have!


Correct. My apologies, you're right they own the entire education system

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