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The narrative of RB Ginsbergs "struggle"

I would like to see some evidence - some verifiable history of and the names of any men, organizations, colleges, universities that directly impeded RB Ginsbergs path that led to her tenure on SCOTUS.
I do NOT buy the narrative of how RB Ginsberg had to "fight hard to overcome" - Bull shit!

Do you buy into that narrative?

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iThink 9 Sep 20

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And to top it all off, she only earned .70 for every dollar the male justices earned!

I don't believe her salary on Supreme Court was less than the male Justices - you're going to have to show the data on that.

@iThink I'm being sarcastic


I'm not voting since I honestly don't know. I'm a conservative and no fan of RBG.


I don't really care about Ihr Kampf.


She struggled to be a closet commie - no mistake about that.


Not in the least...

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