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LINK Smart man

One of the best videos I’ve seen explaining where we are headed.

Kjcline 5 Oct 26

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Kennedy's party is one of the worst players regarding censorship. Kennedy is speaking as if Democrats are not culpable, and the President is, by saying he is a bully. I strongly disagree. He should know that the President has almost no power to do ANYTHING about COVID-19, except try to keep morale up in the US.

He correctly points out that Zuckerberg, Gates and Bezos are at fault. Democrats. They are the ones exerting horrific amounts of power over the citizens of the US. They are the bullies. So calling the President a bully makes no sense, especially when he is obviously doing everything in his power to encourage the country, and be transparent about what his administration is doing.

This warning would have been far more effective if he hadn't made it a partisan message.

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