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I doubt anyone is going to read this. I found slug thanks to Sydney Watson, and I'm really enjoying it. I am an independent, and have found that more and more the very vocal part of liberalism is making me not want to listen to them anymore. The alt right is also making it difficult to find the actual conservative policy opinions as well. It's actually so bad that I'm struggling to even attempt to listen to their opinions with an open mind, which sucks because I typically like to listen to both sides and then make a decision. Is anyone else encountering the same thing?

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vixJRT 3 Nov 29

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Sydney Watson is awesome, I found Slug via Daisy Cousens.

Same😂. Watched a clip where she suggested slug, joined the next day


The 'vocal libs' and the al- right are a mirror image of each other. The exact same thing, but in reverse.
Fascism = communism.
Misogony = misandry.
Woke = rascist/bigot.
Both sides just want to preach and can't see any other point of view other than their own.
Don't worry about them and don't bother trying to apply logic or rational reasoning to their beliefs (it really is a faith based religion at the extreme ends).
Don't let anyone but yourself tell you how to think or feel. Mind your own and own your mind!

Thank you for the encouraging post. I may be stretching myself thin doing exactly what you told me not to.


I am not struggling because I know what I believe and what I think and I am confident in my beliefs. My confidence comes from the fact that my beliefs are demonstrably better than those ideas that inform the leftist mindset. I do not apologize for my beliefs.
Having said that I will also point out that unlike the SJW/Socialist set people who share my beliefs do NOT try to silence the voices of those who have that socialistic mindset.
We/I believe above all else that the 1st amendment is sacred and it exhorts us to be tolerant - not weak, not recessive, but tolerant of opposing ideas and opinions.

Thank you for your reply. I do know what I believe, however I also want to hear others opinion and point of view. I believe that my first amendment right behooves me to afford others the same courtesy I would like afforded to me. I absolutely agree with you about no apologizing about your beliefs. Silencing is never my goal, I'm just struggling right now to hear them.


AUSTRALIA HERE. It really depends on how much You really know of what's been coming for over 40 years and is almost here. Many people have a personality clash with President Trump, and feel great hatred toward him, others love him like family.
But the fact is, it's been said for 40 years; "there'll be one that will come in the future who will be either greatly loved or greatly hated, and he and he alone will stand against the ones who want to take over the world", and the only one I can see that fits that description, is, President Trump!!
Who is he standing against all alone: "THE UNITED NATIONS NEW WORLD ORDER THE GREAT RESET", and if people only knew what that entails, they wouldn't give a bugger about Who is fighting for them, just as long as someone is!! I wish you well.

Thank you for your reply, you gave me quite a bit to go look up and think about.


Yes, been going through that for years now. While my own politics lean more to the right, can't say I'm comfortable with any sort of extreme(s).

I'm actually very glad to not be the only one who feels like this.

@vixJRT You're not alone on that, for sure.

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