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LINK Companies Are Preparing to Cut Jobs and Automate if Biden Gets $15 Minimum Wage Hike, Reporting Shows - Foundation for Economic Education

These are not my words but the original poster.

They fail to mention the tax percentage deducted from raising minimum wage is like 6 times the actual gained percentage of take home income after taxes. Who wins in the end? Not the worker. The revenue coffers do.
If everyone asked for a 190% increase in .
Really they'd only be getting a 28% increase due to the ignorance of taxation.
28% is close to what is wrongfully taken in taxes currently but no one gaf about the right to income and the many various forms of what PRIVATE COMPENSATION might consist of.
Taxes will then go up 2%. Revenuers win, people's right to income loses!

Cmon_man 5 Jan 17

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