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POLL House Bill 1283 Would add legal open carry to Malicious Mischief Offenses.

Currently in the Washington State House of Representatives, there is a bill (HB1283) that would make the act of legally open carrying a "deadly weapon" a Class C felony if; there are three others with you, and some third party felt threatened. Follow this link to the language of the bill, and ask yourself; "Is it right that the feelings and emotions of a third party should outweigh the peaceful act of exercising ones civil right to openly carry a weapon?"

Do you agree with HB1283?

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8BallBrian 5 Feb 9

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After reading the amendments 1283 makes it just looks like redefining existing laws and flexibility to be used for assumptions, as in taking Rights away with covering false charges.

I agree completely. During the committee hearing for the bill, a majority of those speaking in favor of the bill were not even talking about anything related to the bill. Or, they were simply supporting the bill so that others could not openly carry around them without making them feel threatened. A total sham supported by uninformed people who place their own perceptions above law and order.

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