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Villagism ought to be looked into as a matter for public debate. Decentralizing our societies may be one way we could alleviate some of the suffering that we all wish to free ourselves from. Loneliness, isolation and meaninglessness are plaguing us while unaccountable, uncontrollable forces beyond our sight and understanding take hold over our lives and force us into bottleneck after bottleneck where we find ourselves suffering the same hell over and over in different forms. More needs to be said for the alternatives. More needs to be brought to the attention of those who have not the wherewithal to pay attention or think that "normal" isn't the only option nor is it in fact the best option available. Perhaps the lazy and willfully ignorant among us will listen if only they were presented with viable alternatives. Though, I suppose that that discussion would come under attack by the corporate media, who would call it extremism or something, but a discussion should be had none the less. The words should be spoken regardless of the counter argument or non-argument as the case may be. We at least deserve the ability to imagine another way if not to make the choice to live it.

mattis117 4 Feb 18

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