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"Please join me in supporting ALIPAC's work against illegal immigration and 2021 Amnesty legislation during this very difficult and challenging time. My son Ronald Da Silva was killed by an illegal alien in 2002 because our border and immigration laws are not enforced. ALIPAC has stopped Amnesty bills before and if we don't work together against the Biden Harris administration's dangerous and destructive immigration plans, many more families will suffer like mine. ALIPAC has stood with the victims of illegal immigration and that is why I stand with ALIPAC." -- Agnes Gibboney

ALIPAC 6 Feb 19

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Immense sympathy to the huge number of citizens harmed, maimed and murdered by invading illegal alien filth. Here is a handy site that offers but a small percentage of the ongoing horrors committed by illegal alien invaders. Spread the URL around to assist with conveying to We, the People a reality that the evil tyrannical elite-owned media refuses to share with USA citizens:


They're illegal criminals!!

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