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On Lynchings
Very interesting

Anthraxxx 5 Feb 20

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AUSTRALIA HERE. We always only hear one side of a story, when there's always two sides to every story! Great to hear this guy tell both sides of stories!
And this is what that Cancel Culture Brain Deranged lot want to do, not just destroy history, but also get rid of books that the writers went to a lot of trouble to write!!
A story in Australia is the one about FISHER'S GHOST who lingers over the bridge at Campbelltown, NSW, Australia, and the tree nearby can be seen where Fred Fisher was hung! People who cross that bridge at midnight swear they see Fisher's ghost on the bridge and with the car window down can actually hear his moans. Yes, and I also had to cross the bridge just to see if it was true. I saw some sort of an apparition on the bridge when a group of us went to investigate, but did we really see what we saw, or had it already been implanted in our heads that we would!! Either way, the poor guy Was hung there, and if his spirit was going to hang around anywhere, I guess it'd be there, his last resting place!!
I wish you well.

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