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Generational responsibility

Ive been rolling around some ideas about generational responsibility. Being Canadian ive have been past down notions of shame surrounding indigenous mistreatment. My question is how disconnected from the direct implimentation of an mistreatment must one be in order to no longer bare responsibility?

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Nodtothesawyer 3 Mar 16

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Accountability is a rare breed these days. It's been replaced by a society that's quick to blame someone else for their own situation.

Case in point: Slavery is dead in America. Yet, there are those who were never slaves, that expect payment from those who were never slave owners, for the atrocities inflicted upon their long-deceased ancestors.

Yes, it's a shame that slavery was a part of our sordid past. But, no... we're not the ones responsible for it.


I'd say after one generation.

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