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LINK Monica Lewinsky recalls Clinton’s ‘lethal charm’ that left her ‘intoxicated’: ‘I was enamored with him' | Fox News

A 22 yr old grown woman capable of making her own immoral decisions who knowingly chased after another woman's husband then blames his ‘lethal charm’ 🤣 my goodness talk about ‘reinvention’ theres no victims here only bad choices

KendallH 6 Sep 15

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that's typical female behavior. almost every woman I've ever known told a similar was his charm; it was the wine and the moonlight; it was out of my control; he seduced me; he gave me alcohol; he gave me drugs; I lost control - it was his fault...he took advantage of me I was vulnerable...
Women in general always want to pretend that they are victims of circumstances and will never admit that they have lustful feelings just as do men.
It just happened - I didn't mean to have sex with your husband; I didn't mean to get pregnant; it wasn't my fault...

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