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LINK The real reason they censor us.

I love this channel "Just My Stupid Opinion". Not only does he have great videos he's a really nice person. Please check him out and like/subscribe & share.

Con-Can 5 Apr 7

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Great video.

It's not just manipulation of social media platforms (by censoring and twisting opposing viewpoints), it's also the rigging of the voting process itself. Bill C-76 is particularly concerning. People can now "vouch" for voters who have no I.D.

As for the successful social media liberal campaigns, definitely the fearmongering about Doug Ford's cuts to education is widespread and working. I do wish Ford's cuts were of administrative positions, not teachers. Most people (including parents and teachers) would get behind that. Why? Because these administrative positions are increasing, and they add zero value to the education offered to students. It simply increases the hierarchy and creates fiefdoms, which reduces effectiveness, wastes money, and even adds more to beaurocratic red tape which hampers teachers from actually doing their job.

I wish Doug Ford can also hire Blue Sky Strategy Group.

Anyway, yes, the news headlines about anticipating Russian interference is just a way to prime the country into explaining why the Liberals will lose and why the Liberals will refuse to accept the results....just like what happened in the US in 2016.

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