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Kari Lake - GOP candidate for Governor of Arizona recorded the entire interview herself. This little 2 minute snippet is all that can be found - for unknown reasons. I LOVE Kari Lake. After the disgustingly and abject failure of Bidens first year in office and the craziness of the Democrat majority in the House of Representatives I really do not see how GOP candidates can lose in the mid-terms - I know they could "Lose because of the same reasons Trump lost in 2020 - malfeasance on the part of the CPUSA aka The Democratic Party.
Anyhow - this short video should Thrill AZ voters and it should also put some new energy back into the GOP.

iThink 9 Feb 5

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Creepy Joe? President? Yes and I'm having some green moon cheese for lunch!


The media’s role in western society is certainly a huge one. While money assuredly is a factor in the why and how of what the media does, there’s also an strong element of superiority and condescension in what they do. That ego goes back many, many decades now and feeds on itself. Money interests are only too happy to feed it and see it thrive.

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