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Putin’s War started out as an unprovoked war of aggression against a weaker neighbor chock full of “clear and noble” goals that would have reduced Ukraine to a Russian satrapy. Instead, like so many criminal undertakings, it has degenerated into a bacchanalia of murder, rape, looting, wanton destruction, and a land grab to match the one Russia carried out in 2014.

In 2014, Putin saw the puppet he’d installed as president of Ukraine thrown out by a populist and popular uprising. In response, he annexed Crimea in a referendum that didn’t even bother to make a pretense of being free or fair.-

SpikeTalon 10 Apr 20

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So really NATO is a hindrance. If any member of the NATO alliance is attacked all members would have to protect that nation with boots on the ground which may involve a full scale war with Russia that could escalate into a WWlll and perhaps involving nukes. Putin knows this. Which is why he isn't attacking the Baltic states. He also has a lot of dirt on some prominent US politicians if he could get a third party source to leak the evidence he could set the political landscape afire.
He thinks Ukraine should align with Russia and not the west.
Here's how I think it will end up. Putin will annex eastern Ukraine, definitely the Donbas region of Donetsk and Luhansk and he'll probably go for everything east of the Dneiper River. I know he also wants Odessa.
But I think Ukraine will want access to the Black Sea so that will be hard to take away.

Here's what I think the West wants. A Putin regime change. Ukraine staying allied to the West and Russia can have the Donbas region. It won't matter anyway if Putin is gone. And if Russia has a new leader sympathetic to the west, we will all be one big happy family. Surely China, being alone, will not take on the entire international community once the World government is in charge.

Listened to any inspirational talks by Yuval Noah Harari lately?

Putin will want Ukraine's Mountains as a defense against incursion into Russia.


Putin's puppet was replaced with the puppet from the USA. NATO's expansion the lever used to push Russia into this invasion.

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