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Anti-headache diet requires : more water, less salted preservatives and more fresh foods.

Wow, is it really that simple ?


Mikewee777 7 Apr 25

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FYI, getting too low on salt consumption can also prevent efficient kidney operation, and give you headaches.

Believe me, I have way too much salt in my diet

Try buying any non water item in the fast food menu that doesn't have sodium .

@Mikewee777 Fast food. Yeah, that will kill you.


Try telling food manufacturers that.

They would be idiots not to put in food the things that make people buy food: 1. Sugar and simple carbohydrates. 2. Salt. 3. Saturated fats.

Smart people don't eat sugars and simple carbohydrates at all. They limit salt by preparing their own meals. And they mostly use avocado and olive oils.

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