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Bottom Line on the Global Warming Nonsense.

The climate is always changing and has been since the earth developed an atmosphere.

We are currently in a mild century old warming period, although there has been little warming during the last 15 years. The Northern Hemisphere has experienced about 0.74±0.18°C over the period 1906–2015.

Anthropogenic factors have influenced temperatures, but contrary to claims by some climate scientists, we have no idea of how much. There are thousands of factors affecting climate change and human activity is actually one of the least influential. Humans, for example, contribute only about 4% of any additions to world CO2, the oceans and the rest of nature provide the balance. According to the IPCC in 2007, annual anthropogenic emissions of worldwide CO2 totaled approximately 32Gt and nature emits about 770 Gt each year -- a ratio of 24-1, nature vs. man.

And that is part of the problem. The global climate is too complex of a system to be studied scientifically, at least with our current scientific tools. The climate scientists avoid the problem of control, repeatability, reproducibility and falsifiability by claiming that all of those thousands (perhaps millions) of climate influences miraculously cancel each other , thereby leaving ANTHROPOGENIC GLOBAL WARMING much easier to study. Unfortunately, such a tactic leaves any conclusion by these scientists highly suspect -- the East Anglia emails were partially about a discussion of this problem.

Yes, we are experiencing global warming, man is responsible for some of it, probably a very small part, but no one has a clue of just how much. It is foolish, knowing how little we really know, to spend a fortune, impoverishing the world as a result, to solve a problem that may not really exist or actually may be beneficial to most of the world. Most of us would rather be warmer than cooler.

However, Al Gore and his cohorts are making a fortune scaring people with this nonsense.

tomkatmovie 5 Apr 3

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