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Those who don't want gene-manipulating plasmid DNA shot into their bloodstream [vaccines] are being attacked by the "I am proud of my autism" spokespeople [whether they are autistic or pretending to be for nefarious purposes is not determined].
Who is using mind control on these people telling them that non-autistic people hate them and want them dead?

'New eugenics: UN disability expert warns against ‘ableism’ in medical practice'

Sabrina Campbell:
"Think you might be having a breakdown. You should google crisis hotlines in your country."
Gaslighting? You don't a problem with UN peacekeepers raping children? Why not?

Ava Marie
"You've implied you think people with disorders are broken and in need of fixing and called me and every autistic person a victim of our disorder. That's demeaning."
**Do you disagree with this definition?

  • disorganization
  • disrupt the systematic functioning or neat arrangement of**

Michael McKenzie
"You are severely lacking in the understanding of psychology. Please stop."
Tell me about these monsters you need to control through art?

Ben F Bridges
"You need a psychologist if you think that the UN are sending people after you."
I can't respond because you blocked me.

"Not if your refusal to take the vaccine endangers the lives of others. Your rights end where mine begin."
Interesting choice for a Twitter nym...How does the vaccinated get infected by the non-vaccinated?

Zteph 7 May 20

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