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July 21, 2020 - Former U of C basketball manager charged with spitting on 3 people, using racial slurs []

How Justin knew she was Chinese? He couldn’t; he was biking at speed around 15 to 20 km. At best, he saw an Asian – Mongoloid race but not Chinese. Besides, Jessica is one hundred percent Canadian – more so then this Justin Williams. Canadians should realize that University and Colleges have brought up a cult of the wrong kind - The Leftist Filth Statist Modern Liberal that is ready to displace the righteous citizens to a group that the majority of real Canadians don’t belong to. Still, the lame media will oversimplify that all real Canadians are xenophobic, if not directly appoint the word ‘racist’ into the title of a newspapers rag or public “own” media. Justin Williams belongs to the group called Antifa or BLM Inc. but NOT CITIZEN CANADIAN. Period. #Philippians 4:8

DRrightRD 7 July 22

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What, is she going to kill him or something?
“From the sources I’ve heard from, this isn’t the first time he’s done something like this. But it’s going to be his last.”


Ya not white to me so proof racism comes in all races

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