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Americans can determine if they are middle class with new income calculator

Pew Research Center reports 52% of Americans are in middle-income households


What happens after the redistribution of wealth when black people spend all of their on crack again? Do we just keep 'halving' everything until... what exactly?

RAZE 7 July 26

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I came to IDW for intellectual conversation, not racist crap. The situation you imagine where the black people spend their money on crack is not a thing. Never mind the white people who spend their money on crack. SMH.


This was a great post until the racist "crack" remark. It really insults your intelligence to go there.

I do not owe any black a damn thing.


The redistribution of weath is intended to make everyone dependent on the government for a standard of living. They will tell us how much we can earn and keep. The incentive to innovate and work hard to achieve a better standard of living will be gone. Capitalism is what drives the creation of new medicines, products and just about every thing that elevates a society to be able to take care of those who are less fortunate. Equality ends at birth and there will always be the less advantaged mentally, physically and emotionally. Trying to even everything out will degrade everyone except those at the top. There will always be those at the top.


Liberals think white conservatives owe them something because of slavery but what they don't tell you is 40,% of slave owners were black. The majority of celebrities and athletes are black. The majority of businessmen are jewish but they're not racist because they always hire 1 white woman.


Most of the rich people in this country are black or black ot Jewish. The majority or celebrities, Athletes and drug dealers are black. The majority of business owners are Jewish and they act like white conservatives owe them something. White liberals sre to blame for this because they give the black man all of the jobs and 1 white girl so they can say their not racist. White liberals crack and meth from their black drug dealers.

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