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If face masks protects you from the covid virus, why the distance?
If 6 feet distance protects you, why the face masks?
If the face masks and the distance protects you, why the vaccine?

revealedforyou 5 Dec 27

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The masks protect you, the distance helps the masks do their job effectively, then the vaccine is so we don't have to wear the masks and social distance any more. It's like how we have a vaccine for Polo, Smallpox, Chickenpox, the flu, and insert all the other vaccines we have.


Why the vaccine? Population control! Should the vaccine become mandatory, when you roll up for your injection and you show them you I.D., does the syringe come out of the blue box or the red box? Does the injection contain a nano chip? Maybe population reduction. Conspiracy theories, gotta love'em, or is this all a possibility and everything mention could be a reality?

The nano chip one cracks me up, most of the people that are so worried about the government tracking them own a smartphone, so they're already being tracked, if they're really this worried about being tracked, they should just get rid of their smartphone, delete their social media, and move without updating their address.


It has nothing to do with protecting you, it is about CONTROLLING YOU!!!
Why do you think THEY have come with a "NEW" "KUNG-FLU", one from England and a second from South Africa???
Because the fear of the first one is dying down, and THEY are losing control!!!!

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