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Tiny Tim - Tiptoe Through The Tulips.

guru 8 Jan 14

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Loved the guy, and still do, I have his autograph, me being the only person standing at his table in Parramatta, Sydney, Australia, and at that time, I could not believe why no one came over to talk to him, I felt really sorry for him, as he was so popular. Maybe it wasn't announced that he'd be in Australia, and at Parramatta of all places, but it was great with no one there, as I chatted with him for over half an hour, he was a really nice person! And I really loved his song and still sing it. So sad he's gone now!! I wish you well.

Hey, I grew up in Parramatta, not like it is now but back in the day. Awesome that you got to meet him.


That falsetto voice sold millions of copies of that very ordinary tune.

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