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Political Leanings of Media Outlets

This is an interesting image showing the political leanings of a given media organization.
I don't agree with all of the ones posted on here, but in a very general sense it has many correct.

Why do you think?

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Swuave 5 Jan 25

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Infowars has had it right far longer than the others and while I don’t always agree with some things Infowars May say they are more right than people will allow in fact sometimes I think that they are to far left or I think that they just are naive at times
But info wars is awesome!


WAY old chart.
Here is the latest one.
And reaffirms why I get my news EXCLUSIVELY from AP, Reuters, and UPI; all the rest I find unreliable.

AP & Reuters may still be reliable for facts and information, but the chart as a whole is still biased. Updated or not it's still nothing more than a pictorial medium to support why you should more believe the liberal side than the conservative side, and not by a small margin...

Is it though?
Infowars and natural news both deserves their spot as the lowest of the low. That they lean right is irrelevant.

Daily Kos and Occupy; Daily Caller and OANN... all are equally as reliable for the left and the right: i.e., not at all.

CNN and MSNBC; Fox news and NYP... they are slightly better but stand as "equals" for the left and the right.

As you can see, as you work your way up, the chart is very accurate in terms of which way they lean and how reliable they are (BTW, for me reliability is very much related to editorializing... the more a media source relys on op eds, editorials, and "expert opinions"... the less it's telling the news, the more it's telling us what to think... the less reliable it is.

@TheMiddleWay just like your chart...

@TheMiddleWay Yeah sure, beauty is in the eye of the beholder...
My point is they imply that the left leaning (agree, they seem to have the leanings right, hard for them to deny it) agencies are somehow more trustworthy/reliable than the right leaning. Say whatever you like about the right, the left has just as many, if not more, instances proving they are no better. Yet, the chart says different...

All the more reason to ignore both left and right and focus exclusively on center (AP, UPI, VOA, REUTERS).

@TheMiddleWay In the words of our dear leader, we should take truth over facts...😶

The way everything on that chart has moved right, tells you just how far left everything has moved. That chart is even more inaccurate than the one above.

What about what I've been promoting since teh first: that we not look left or right but center?
Do you find their determination that AP, UPI, VOA, REUTERS are centered as also inaccurate?

@TheMiddleWay I mostly agree with your assessment. I think the chart above is even more inaccurate the the one I posted. It's hard for me to say about AP, UPI, VOA, and REUTER. Most of the time I have visited them, their articles were pretty straight forward, relative to the others on the list.

I would say Fox is a little better than MSNBC and CNN these days. 15 years ago, I would have said CNN and MSNBC were better than Fox, but a switch happened. Most articles i have found on Fox, I can't find any blatant sleezy wording etc... CNN and MSNBC however, they've gone FAR off the rails.

FOX has done a rather interesting image change which seems to coincide with Murdoch's departure.

With the exception of Tucker Carlson, they've dropped all the most highly charged, highly hyperbolic commentators of the past like Glenn Becks. I watch the Fox news streaming outlet on my TV and it's pretty much like it's old tag line "fair and balanced". As well, in the last year of the election, they stopped being "Trump's network" and started being it's own brand.

I still think FOX and CNN are on part, FOX still leans heavy right as CNN heavy left. But I agree with you on MSNBC... they are FAR left and off the rails.

@TheMiddleWay On the weekly stream, I would do this thing with CNN, where I would goto the CNN website and search for the word "Trump". To see how many negative articles were on the front page about Trump that day. As many as 32 negative articles, and as far as 12, every single time I visited their site over the past few years. They've become obsessed.

Which explains why you’re largely an uninformed ... misinformed ... numbnuts

I still find it hard to credit you with the belief that you “think”.
To date, outside of pedantically proselytizing about insignificant aspects of other people’s posts ...
I’ve seen little to indicate you have much in the line of intelligence ... well, except a fancy vocabulary and a prolific amount of mental diarrhea...

You must really think I care what you think of my mental facilities to come onto a two-week old thread just to say this. 🙄

I just tumbled to it and ...
I occasionally read your stuff to see whether you’ve pulled a “Blind Squirrel” but am almost always disappointed.
Apparently you do care enough to respond ...


I see a tool of the propagandists.


Looks like a work of fiction to me.


In a very general sense it seems that nearly all of the "conservative" orgs and agencies are "nonsense" and "damaging to public discourse"...WHILE many of the key liberal news orgs and agencies are "fair interpretations of the news" or better. My uneducated response is 'SAY WHAT!'
CNN - Has been nailed on multiple occasions, over years, putting out lies and false information and/or fabricating and/or staging video footage
MSNBC - Carried the water for years about the whole Russia collusion hoax, even to this day ignoring the proof that it was a sham. Falsely made claims and statements about President Trump's questionably obtained tax records. Denied there were no riots, just mostly peaceful protests.
NBC - Is only moderately better than MSNBC
NYT - Has been caught on many occasions getting their facts wrong or blatantly ignoring key news topics like the holocaust when it was happening in the lat 30s and early 40s and more recently the Hunter Biden story. They don't even attempt to separate opinion from news in many cases. They got all up in arms about Sen Cotton's op ed stating the use of the National Guard against the rioters and looters (advocating a "military takeover" ), YET they were absolutely fine with 25 plus thousand troops in the capital to stop the same thing, duplicity in their actions is an understatement.

Spare me the moral relativism by stating that Fox has done similar or worse, Breitbart is a joke, and Newsmax is off the chain etc. etc. blah blah blah...even for the sake of argument, say they did and/or are...the POINT is MSNBC, CNN, NBC, Vox, Mother Jones, BBC, NPR, and the networks are no better yet they are a fair interpretation of the news or better.

In a very general sense this graph is useless and smacks of propaganda's crap. Just another way to legitimize the liars and delegitimize those orgs and agencies the authors do not like or agree with.


IDK about some of these, but PBS, NPR, and NYT in the upper middle is fantasy at best.

I agree on all of those. They've all moved quite far left. This chart is a few years old, and that's a problem. Secondly, it could have been made by leftist in the first place.


#NBC and #CBS are biased af. Christian Science Monitor is actually pretty good, last I checked.

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