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Given the recent proposal to offer stipends to those “unwilling to work” and the rise in support for late term abortions, should the new democratic party slogan be “anything to avoid labor”?

WeAreTheShow 7 Feb 15

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I've wondered if "unwilling to work" means people who would rather hang out and do nothing/be homeless/live with their parents than get a job OR if it means people who are supporting society in useful ways that are currently uncompensated, such as stay at home mothers and adults caring of other aging adults, "unwilling" by conscience to abandon those in need in order to earn money.

Good point. I think a lot of women especially would choose to be at home with their families if they could afford it. It would be another example where more choice for women actually leads to greater gender difference in work and family roles.

In some states, the opposite is happening. []

Don't forget to include veterans.


Ugh. The puns have arrived. 🙂


Nice. And free stuff... But wait, there's more...

everything free*

(except for the people)


Yeah for sure but little do the noodle armed supporters of these hacks know is that communism is forced labor by the threat of execution or forced labor. Haha!

that would require them to research further than they’re told to look and accept the history of their party... also, they never picture themselves in the gulag but rather in a rare position of authority... which also comes from ignorance of the history as it relates to “useful idiots”, cheers.


How about "anything but labor"?


Sounds like a fitting title...


Excellent slogan!


Senator AOC has some wild ideas to propose in her Green New Deal. So how and why are we going pay this Lazy folks who don't want to work. Hard work and the American dreams got the country to flourish and develop after the 2nd world war. So throw that all out the window and just sit on our lazy asses is what been proposed and run the country down the shit hole. What a deal ! Wow. Thanks


But you have to admit, she is very entertaining and her makeup always looks perfect! It is unfortunate, however, that she can't do math or reason her way out of a paper bag! Because what we really need as of the last couple of decades is representatives who can handle complex national issues without getting in the way!


Stipends or things like UBI are supported by economists favored by the right wing like Milton Friedman & Hayek ...

Could you please tell me what UBI is an acronym for? Thanks!

But where will that money come from ? More taxes and from whom ? Idk, it sounds great and all but it's tough. I like to read more about it. How can this be even proposed. And even if its given out what are the chances its gona help or how can people qualify for it. There are other plans already in place for low income families, what is it missing to give that support to the low income group ?

@GrandmaSandy Universal Basic Oncome

@GrandmaSandy, @alenjose710

No @alenjose710 ... Learn how the monetary works ... Federal spending is no dependent on taxation ...

@BodhiJones777 []


I think she is worth millions by now.


I’m just here to lol


California, the cesspool for new ideas, They worship celebrity and the voice these internationally known people bring to their cause whether on hate speech, abortion, race, climate change, etc. The media is directly involved as is academia, and journalism, social media. It's voiced on the East coast too, in NY, and amplified around the world.

How about just, Anything to avoid. The Avoiders. I also like, The Pity Party.


Sounds good to me!


The current trends in survivalist logic are soon there will be no jobs ... survival needs GUUUUNNNZZZ for preppers ... biiiggg gunnnzz ...nuke guns ... and war dogs ... and ways to detect and invade underground and off world palaces ... the odds say they may be right sometime ... the wise thing may be to aquire property near a uranium mine and build an iron smelter


Funny ..ta for the laugh


We are the Borg...

You will be assimilated and given a stipend

But seriously, good point


And, ya, killer good line.


That may be to much for them. They would have to think and apparently cant.


Later term abortions could have a positive side. Make late term abortion legal up to age 25, and i get to choose who gets aborted!!!!!!!!


I get the joke! Lulz


Thats a damn good joke there... no fat on that joke. BRAVO


As for the people who are unwilling to work they can starve for all i care. as for abortion early turm of late turm it doesn’t matter minority’s children are aborted more than the majority if you look a the democrats from the end of the civil war thier policy’s have keept the black part of our society uneducated and poor while using the remains of the abortion to further research and to what end we can only guess. i truly believe that this policy is to comit black geniside and this is the most unacceptable thing that i have seen in my lifetime


Evolution use weed these lazy people out.

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