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Question for my fellow Americans. Is the Electoral College something that is long outdated and need to be replaced/done away with, or should it remain as it is? Personally, I think it should remain, the Founding Fathers set it up that way for a reason.

SpikeTalon 9 Feb 17

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No small states and low density state are going for this deal.


The Electoral College serves to balance the interests of small populations, (i.e. Rhode Island) with those of large populations (i.e. California, New York, Texas). Without it, such larger states could decide an election. It serves as a buffer against the "Tyranny of the Majority" in direct democracy. The US was founded as a Republic. A democracy is, after all, just "two wolves and a sheep deciding on what's for dinner".


I believe that the forefathers feared an uneducated, uninformed public or politically naive people. What I have heard quoted as the "tyranny of the majority." I feel that it, the electoral college, should remain as well. There are too many people in the nation that would fall in the category of politically naive in the United State; these individuals are easily lead by false narratives.

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