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Bernie Sanders is running for President. I know that the Weinstein brothers were supporters in 2016 but I don't think the other IDW members support him. What does the IDW community think of Bernie?

okay 4 Feb 19

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Socialism scares me to death! I'm really frieghtened for this country and its apparent lean in that direction. The only thing that gives me hope is (to paraphase)the Winston Churchill idea that if you're not liberal when your young, you have no heart and if you're not conservative as you age, you have no brains. Of course Bernie Sanders is an obvious exception to this idea but one can hope that life's experiences will cause the millenials to reconsider their views on Socialism. I pray this awakening happens before it's too late!

Good thoughts

Same here!


As someone who does not care for socialism, I disagree with his politics. I've no idea what kind of person he is outside of his political life.

Education is key


He’s racist against white people

6 million lies


Definitely no socialist or democratic socialist for me!!!

I second that.

@SpikeTalon thanks, everyone I know who's from a socialist country (including myself) detests socialism. My next project is to gather data on how many people that socialism has killed in human history. I'm putting together the list of "hate hoaxes" in my "stats matter" group.

@Naomimi I thought this was interesting...

Count me out too!

@SpikeTalon , thanks so much for sharing this video. I think people who fantasize about socialism equate it with "free stuff", even for those "unwilling to work". They are brainwashed.


He's the poster child for socialism. His ideas are radical and very costly.


I don't want socialism in this country. Socialism is communism without guns until the people say no to something. Than the guns come out and the people suffer. When has it ever worked


Lol crazy Bernie! I’m registering to vote in the Democratic primary so he wins the nomination and Trump can get another 4 years of winning. Join me!


In Canada, I sure hope we feel the Bern(ier). Go Mad Max!

Trudeau is so bad it's unbelievable. Plus I am so tired of seeing propaganda puff pieces about him. He is an unprincipled child, and such a vapid, shallow left wing parrot. I'll probably be voting for Max as well,


I dislike socialist ideology. After I heard him praise the Cuban healthcare system he lost any respect I had for him as a leader.


I don't think Bernie believes what he says. The guy has 3 houses, all in the same small state. He thinks we should all share equally? When can I vacation at one of your houses? You only live in one at a time, after all.


This is the same guy that during the Clinton administration said that citizens standing in line for food was a good thing. I think he's a socialist and has no place in a "free" country.


Not even gonna lie, if Negan ran, I would vote.


My biggest problem with Sanders is his lack of support for the only functioning democracy in the middle East, and his tolerance for and facilitation of the treasonous ideology of Islam.


He will fracture the Democrat party into chaos. Kamala Harris will be sent forth by the super delegates. Her tone and verbage is less offensive to centrists. Bernie is a rich white male, and the far left will hold him too it. Once Bernie is snubbed again, the collapse will ensue.

As if it isn't fractured enough already.

Bernie is not rich. But being rich, or poor is not a problem. Bernie is wrong. That's the problem

The Democrats say there will be NO superdelegates this cycle.


I personally supported Bernie if for no other reason than he seemed the cleanest turd ine bucket. My hope is that there will be a person that comes out if this D primary that will at least speak to the issues that we face now and will face in the future. I've heard Mr Wang speak before as well as his latest interview on JRE, he seems to have a idea of the world as it is and not just what people wish it to be. All in all I'm just hoping for a adult conversation about the fast changing world and the things that are possible in it. No mire pissing down my back and telling me it raining.

Good thoughts


He has some good and some bad, like all the rest. I'd take him over most just because balance of power will stop the crazy stuff but at least working class people would be the focus more than any other politician I know of. Many talk it but Bernie has a history backing it. Overall tho, he is just to weak and timid for me.

Good thoughts

Bernie IS "the crazy stuff" as far I can see.

Where in the world and when in history have Marxist policies actually made workers' lives better?

@Jeeper752 if u think Bernie is just Marxist policy u should prob look up his many speeches since the 80s and his consistent policy positions that haven't changed since day 1. He isn't bought and corrupted and for that reason alone I can trust him more than the rest.

@george his Marxism is enough to convince me he is bad for the country and would be worse as President.
You didn't answer my question. Where on the world and when in history have Marxist policies actually made workers' lives better?

@Jeeper752 northern Europe has the happiest people in the world and have tons of social democracy

@george the Danish PM has angrily reacted to the chiefly American description of the Scandinavian economies as "socialist". If I'm not mistaken, the Swedish PM made similar remarks.

So, any cases the governments of which would agree are "socialist" much less "Marxist?"

@Jeeper752 one person not agreeing with terminology because he don't like a word don't mean anything. The policy enacted is socialistic and redefining things like the Democrats of America do still doesn't change the facts. Plus u speak of only one person from one of the countries so that isn't a very good selling point.

@george actually, I mentioned 2.

You STILL haven't answered the question. That is a REALLY BAD selling point.

@Jeeper752 I gave u a whole region to research but u don't really want to know or u would research. I'll list a few even tho we both know if u really wanted this u would have done it your self. Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland are all a start. Then u could research socialist programs that are successful all across the world. We even have some of the socialist programs in America already. A blanket "socialism is horrible" statement is a total lack of substantive knowledge on what Bernie is pushing as well as what democratic socialism is and it is in no way what the media has sold to people who they know won't research anything. Both sides biases from the media don't want Bernie because they are huge corporations and they are the ones that profit huge from the status quo now. Dems and repubs alike are not for the working people and average Americans as proven by policy enacted no matter who is in office. Neither want Bernie so that shows he won't be the same old hand job to the elites.

And no u didn't give 2, a "if I'm not mistaken" is not a statement of knowledge.

@Jeeper752 we are the wealthiest country to ever exist but not even in the top 10 happiest. Funny how democratic socialist countries dominate that list.


@george and it is equally funny that those countries do not seem to agree that they are socialist democracies. THEY seem to claim that they are MARKET economies as have been nearly all economies in the history of the world.

@Jeeper752 and even tho the USA has SOCIAL security and many other socialist policy we don't call our selves a so I'll democracy either. Don't change the truth about what the policy is tho. Label it how u want but it still is the same ideology. Those countries are saying they aren't socialist as in the sense the right wing portrays socialism to be because they aren't, they are the same kind of social democracy we are with just a few more programs.

@Jeeper752 the other countries around the world emulated our Dem socialist society tat FDR started due to the success it had here but our boomers tuned out and kept electing the same people over and over as they destroyed our system instead of continuing the prosperity while other countries like northern Europe continue it. Reagan ruined our once great nation and the Democrats have went right along with it as well because it makes money for them and the few at the top while the rest of us keep falling behind. Both parties and anyone supporting either party are to blame at this point for our mess.

@george I'm guessing you don't read much history.

@Jeeper752 I would guess the same about u while also assuming u don't read much about political theory and ideology.

@george you would be wrong on both counts...

@Jeeper752 I guess we both are wrong then. It happens.


If it came down to hillary ,trump, or the bern.... I'd be Bernie, but who knows this time around still too early

Good addition to conversation


I'm going to go against the grain here and say that, as far as politicians and policies go, you could do a lot worse (and are doing so currently) than Bernie. He has held and voted for the same principled (and reasoned) positions for decades, speaking to greater integrity than most politicians.
A lot of comments below are along the lines of 'arghh, socialism, noooo'; though it seems that most commenting probably don't understand the definition of socialism, and the distinctions between the different versions thereof. Currently the US has hyper-capitalism and neoliberalism; blending capitalist tenets with democratic socialist ones, such as that practised in many northern European countries (who are currently leading the world in indices of happiness, economic equality, and yes, freedom (because true liberty means 'freedom to...' as well as 'freedom from...'😉 , would axiomatically improve the quality of life for the general populace immensely. No doubt why powerful vested interests don't wish it to succeed in the US...

Where and when have policies like his actually worked to the betterment of the working class?


If Bernie Sanders is implemented correctly he could work ... so no.

That is a reoccurring sentiment from people who support socialism. How many more times do we need to see it's failure?


I'm for Tulsi Gabbard and Bernie is my 2nd choice

I encourage your decisions

I like Tulsi but sadly she don't have a chance in the current time due to the process. She will be left out of the conversation by the MSM so the people who don't really research politics that much will not really know of her. They already are running their smear campaign on her and not even including her as a candidate in the polls they run. She will be the Bernie of 2020 because they know Bernie is to known now to be able to just shut out.

@george I believe her chances aren't good, but I said the same about Trump. We need to focus on getting her in the debate. She has a solid message about getting out of interventionist wars

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