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I am interested in member's perspective regarding Mr. Barack Obama.

Specifically, what role he my may or may not have in the following narratives:

  1. Protests of Conservative Speakers
  2. The organization of ANTIFA now or at the beginning
  3. His association, if any, with Open Society Foundations, and George Soros
  4. The rumor that he has created a 'second white house' still located in Washington DC, complete with staff.

These points are mulling around on other social media platforms and do form part of some theories espoused by many. These are also points that are not mentioned by the #MSM

BrianK 5 Feb 26

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I think he is basically a puppet. The only question being who is moving his mouth.


The first two I'm fairly convinced he is guilty on. While ANTIFA existed long before his Administration, he riled those on the left with loathsome propaganda which resulted in more organized violent protesting. Not sure about any connection(s) with Soros, but there certainly are plenty of other evil people in that camp besides Soros who should be taken into consideration. On the fourth point, I've not seen any evidence of such, but certainly would not be surprised if such does indeed exist.


I've never really seen much on any of those things but the one about the second white House sounds kinda like conspiracy theory. I don't doubt he may have had a hand in being against conservative speakers but I don't think he went as far as being part of the AntiFa group or shutting speakers down, I could be wrong tho. As far as the George Soros thing goes I just laugh. No one from the right wing should be saying much about Soros as long as they are still being propped up by the Koch brothers. Both sides have their billionaire owners and all of those billionaires are working for the same goal, their own personal wealth. If anyone is gonna be against Soros they should apply that same standard to their own people . Myself, I support removing billionaire influence altogether with public financed elections with equal TV on C-SPAN for all candidates. Remove the fact that whoever has the most money wins like 99% of the time. I would be interested in seeing some of the stuff out there against Obama on these issues tho, like I said, I havent really seen much of anything about them and just giving my initial uninformed opinion on the subjects.

Great response. Thanks for the insight. Social media is rife with rumours and these were bussing around.


King Obama was a arrogant racist piece of crap so I wouldn’t put anything past him. I definitely think he instructed the IRS to mess with conservatives prior to the 2012 presidential election and that played a big role in Mitt Romney’s loss.


I'm not really paranoid. I know you guys all think that I am, but it is NOT true.


Hussein is an Islamic Manchurian Candidate IMO. He is a traitor and should be tried as such. The sooner the better.

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