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In Australia, around 90% (my estimate) of the population have little or no interest in politics or philosophy.

How does one start a conversation with people who prefer to think and talk about sex, cars, football and/or real estate?

bobjax 3 Mar 2

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Well .... Milo has been banned to enter Australia... hasn't he ? That takes out a lot of conversation and provocation I guess. Jordan Peterson says.... In order to be able to think you gotta take a chance in possibly be offensive.....


Everyone has an interest in politics and philosophy. Sex - Did you know the leftists want us to agree that having sex with a transgender man .... Cars - think of the innovation and work that goes into a car. Those people should be rewarded more. Football - Good players are not equal but everyone has a chance.


I think the 90% is the case all over the world. People just want to get on with their lives.
Politics is such an expansive topic. Many are afraid they know so little that they are afraid of being wrong.
Very easy to make a mistake. The forums I frequent are like a bear pit. One error and you are branded stupid or lacking understanding. If you opinion differs from the trending opinion. You are an outcast. Some let it bother them.
I do it deliberately. Tbere is no fun in echo chambers.

It's better to be wrong and get taught the truth than to remain quiet and never know is what always say.


Seems like fighting aganst is not the way. In my experience your better off finding like minded individuals. Instead of seaking out the topics you want to discuss why not seek out people you know value your communication style? They might not all want to have the conversations you do, but at least you can have a respectful starting point.

Different people have different directions in their lives, but like people find like people. So if you focuse on types of people, if they arnt receptive to the subject you are, they will still help breed a community of people who at least respect your communication style. It's not the best option, but leading by example is often the most effective.

Check out Kerwin Rae of you haven't herd of him, hes a business coach but also branches out into general philosophy. I haven't been to his live events personally but it seems to have some good groups of people show up. Hes a bit hard in his aprotch, but I definitely think some of that is a cultural gap for me, so you would maybe respond differently.

There is definitely value in his approach, and may give you nice insight in how to deal with locals better than you might find on this, still growing community.


Neil degrasse tyson found a way to use pop culture as a launching pad to discuss science. Perhaps something like that?


It depends, sorry I'm not as familiar with the Aussie political structure. Are there high voter turn out rates? Is there a balance in political representation? Is Australia a constitutional republic? Are there any social or economic consequences for those 90% if people being inactive? Sorry to answer question with a question

Yeah. We have compulsory voting here. Most turn out and vote for the red team or the blue team like it was a football fan competition. With single member electorates we tend to elect one bland bunch after another. No, we're not a republic yet. We still support a constitution which sets the British monarch as our head of state.
The social and economic consequences are a large inertia. There is little interesting debate, just a slanging match between the red and the blue about who is the better economic manager. Both parties support an illegal policy on refugees who arrive by boat and remain silent on the tens of thousands who arrive by plane.
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@bobjax well we had a revolution to try and cure those British woes. Sadly however within 150 years, they forgot how and why we got to a place of such prosperity where freed slaves, and immigrants with literally nothing started businesses, owned land, and gained the ability to set up a lineage of generation wealth. For a fake bill of goods known as equality of outcome. Now we are sliding back to a place where the foundations of this republic mean less and less, and people are apathetic to it, bc "at least my guy is in office".
Short answer, Revolution.

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