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It is time for the complacency of moderate and conservative Americans.turn to rage! Enough of cowering to Socialist Political Correctness and socialist strategy! If we want this Republic to survive we must attack and name the treasonous parties and individuals who are creating the anarchy and subversion in our country! And the Christian complicity in support of the liberalism, which now is blatantly Marxist! They {DEMOCRATS} will not relent unless they are confronted! I will not relent as a Veteran until the Marxist Democratic party is eradicated and at least outlawed in this Republic!

arboristly560 6 Mar 26

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I find the defining quality of the left to be hypocrisy and of the right to be complacency. Looking forward to the change.


I agree with your sentiments, but bread and circuses--or beer, chips, TV and internet--will take out all desire for struggle for change amongst us men. The women seem to have little interest in March Madness, World Series, College or NFL football or hunting seasons. We might as well give them the keys without a big struggle? We are frogs in the slowly boiling pot.

I disagree completely,the rift between right and left is now a chasm,a divide that cannot and should not be bridged!I do not want to live with people who hate what righteous FREEDOM loving men have died for and created and God has blessed!If the United States fails,it will be a new dark age and,nothing like it will ever exist again! For that reason alone I want the Democratic Marxists vanquished with extreme prejudice! You can watch!!


I support your statement 100%.
Leftists always destroy ?


Are you wanting to conquer or change minds?

The Democratic party has stated their position for the future of this country...that is Democratic Socialism! That is treason and sedition which is punished by the death penalty! They openly state that they want to destroy the Bill of rights!I want the Democratic party OUTLAWED and anyone who espouses open treason jailed at the very least! And if they become hostile than whatever action is necessary to end their existence in the United States!

@arboristly560 That's a pretty extreme stance.

@arboristly560 I think you might be in the wrong place. This doesn't seem like you want a conversation. Look, I get being very nervous about socialism taking root in the US, but you need to learn how to express your concerns in a way that doesn't turn people off. You'll learn a lot if you stop thinking the other people are evil.

@JayKane Extreme???Your talking about cultural, economic, scientific, annihilation of the Republic!The United States as we know it!As it was established as it was conceived!To a diametrically opposed disastrous, totalitarian replacement!That has proven to enslave and murder the citizens who they control! Treason is the most heinous and vile of all criminal acts or acts of betrayal and in Dante's Inferno, the 9th circle of Hell is reserved for them exclusively! They deserve NO pity,and hopefully will be eliminated to the man from this Republic forever! War and revolution and Civil War are bloody and brutal and they espouse both!

@Edmel1229 Wrong place LOL!You must be a child!THe Marxist under Lenin and Stalin murdered 25 million Russian Communist,Moa in the Cultural Revolution Murdered 77 million Chinese Communist,the National Socialist workers party or Nazis started WW2 and murdered 15 million in the Concentration camps alone and 27 million Russians when they invaded Russia! Passivity is a weakness that is what allowed WW2 to come to fruition,and people like yourself are the kind of people who truly thought they'd be taking a shower when the train pulled into Treblinka or Auschwitz!And then talk with hindsight, after the deadly deed has happened if you survive! You, see people and wish for love, and utopia,I see danger and control! When has utopia ever existed on this planet, with homo sapiens existing in it!

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