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Is political correctness just female cowardice writ large?

This inability to confront a difficult issue (you might say "the enemy", something which throughout history was almost always handled by men), disguised as refusing to recognise it and pretending it doesn't exist, prioritizing being inoffensive and "courteous" above all else, seems inherently feminine to me, it's pathological agreeableness - whether the issue is Islam or harpy sisters.

I can't help but wonder if we are relearning just why our ancestors did not allow the average woman to vote or hold a great position of power. But of course, #NotAllWomen. Women like Margaret Thatcher, Janice Fiamengo, Camille Paglia, Faith Goldy, Ann Coulter, Lauren Southern are uncommon, and notably "masculine", i.e. disagreeable in temperament.

Feminism was meant to help raise up competent women, but the more noticeable effect has been to give incompetent and crazy women an enlarged sense of entitlement. These latter women, the harpy sisters, conflate their genitals with merit, and cause more harm than good when they are taken seriously or allowed to run amuck.

Nador321 4 Mar 28

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What a bunch of crap! Political correctness is used by both a males and females to silence anyone they don't agree with.... much like labeling someone a racist or bigot. And just so you know, true feminism is dead. Died along time ago when the movement was hijacked by liberal freaks in pussy hats.


There is no doubt that the feminine has been manifesting itself in politics since women have made their way into political roles, but I think its a mix of good and bad, just like with anything. And I do agree that political correctness seems to be caused by the feminine. Agreeableness and higher neuroticism are feminine traits that have shifted politics into a "victim protecting" mode. The government has absolutely taken on a much more motherly role.

Yes! Victum protecting it is so frustrating the world isn't a bed of roses. The truth about life is your parents, your friends, and even yourself cannot protect you against everything that could harm you, especially if you are getting triggered by words.To put padding around the walls is to be living in adelusional fantasy. It doesn't keep the chaos at bay. They adapt to a "safe world" and they won't be able to cope with reality.

YES - I would attribute the increase in self-victimization to the mothering instinct leaking into places where it shouldn't.

So with feminine cowardice and the mothering instinct (inappropriately) brought to the political realm, and with the demonization of masculinity, it creates an atmosphere where no one will put them in their place. Well, Trump perhaps, and Islam.


I know some women who fit your descriptions and don’t want to take part in serious discussions in case they might upset someone.....mostly themselves. However for every one of these I have more courageous women friends who are happy to share their opinions, defend their corner, hold and argue principled views.....


That’s an interesting question and theory.
I can even sort of see where you’re coming from.
However, I don’t see hypocrisy as having, or belonging to, a particular gender.
To me, “Political Correctness” is simply “Socially Acceptable Hypocrisy” ...
A form of “Polite Lying” or Falseness.

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