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I like this site very much, i have connected with some very thoughtful informative caring ect. PEOPLE.
But to be honest i feel the site was not created for all to enjoy. I believe with the people promoted it was created for more separation just like many other's.
I would like thoughts on this but with people like
Alex Jones
How many on the young left do you think are going to explore and join?

Gerri4321 7 Mar 31

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To be honest with you, probably very few. But if you have a look around there seems to be a place to express your mind, provided that you remain within the boundaries of certain rules of netiquette. But this is not your point. Our world is moving very fast into a cycle change. Many, many people will quickly understand and help to facilitate the changing of the guard. No longer are there "sites" for "all" to enjoy because there is no longer an "all" to enjoy it. The "all" you speak of pertains to the group; the oppressed; the victims...I say, it is time to move to higher cognitive dimensions and levels, don't be afraid...and look inside and see what is there.

Well i am not ever afraid that my be my downfall someday the problem i see is that reaching other's is not happening this way and is that the intent? To seperate not only by gender race poor rich ect. But idea's goal's common ground chance of peace among the two parties ect.

@Gerri4321 you are not a victim; those whom you speak of ...are not victims. And two parties should not define you...or should it..?

@KebblerFox I never been a victim of anything ever. I'm saying what i think to be the purpose the intent. Does not mean I'm a victim or fall for it. I pointed it didn't i?

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