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argumentum ad Hitlerum
I can’t find any English media coverage of this headline to link thus I translated it for the ladies and gentlemen who do not communicate in French. Quebec premier Francois Legault and his party were democratically and overwhelmingly voted to deliver one of the outlines on their platform. That is, separation of religion and state. Of course, leftists and the news media is screaming within their echo tunnel that Quebecers are racists, intolerant, xenophobe, and islamophobe. Naturally, that’s not good enough for the intellectually stunted left which most can be found in Montreal. Some high profile pundit compares Mr. Legault and the CAQ to… Hitler and their platform to Mien Kampf. It must also be noted that Mr. Lavoie publicly called upon that Quebec sovereigntists be killed. It truly takes an immature imbecile to compare a law that will separate religion and state to The Final Solution. This is also an insult to those who died and suffered during WW2.

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"argumentum ad Hitlerum"


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