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Are there certain people who are more receptive to bullshit than others?

GP: Those who give higher profundity ratings to the bullshit are less analytic, less intelligent, higher in religious belief, and higher in what's called ontological confusion.

-Gord Pennycook, a PhD candidate in psychology at the University of Waterloo in Canada.
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Look at the Kavanagh fiasco she was a PhD and Professor in clinical depression almost 60 years old. What a emotional train wreck teaching others the valid profession of human emotional understanding hmmm


Can't help but recall the scientist's assessment from "Mars Attacks"
"Extremely advanced technologically which suggests that they are peaceful."

Now we know there are a whole slew of people that think the MSM is telling the truth. They aren't less intelligent, or higher in (traditional) religious belief. I'm gonna call it on this one. Until they get conservatives back in the humanities colleges we should expect to see more of this.


That's not a terribly productive reply Bay0wulf. I do think there are people with higher levels of gullibility, and people with inherently higher levels of skepticism. I don't think this is a groundbreaking theory, there's an age old adage that goes something like "a sucker is born every minute."

I'm pretty sure that things that survived the ages as parables do so because they're truisms. So it sounds to me like the future doctor stumbled across age old wisdom and is perhaps exploring it, but he's not exactly trailblazing here in my uneducated opinion.


A PhD “candidate” in “psychology” ...
Writes about the intellect level and thought processes of other people.
A “candidate” means he isn’t there yet ...
“Psychology” ... the study of the psyche ... I’ve never heard of a more useless “degree” and the people in the field are themselves pretty useless unless you’re actively looking to become “programmed” to some blithering idiot’s thought process ... (talk about Bullshit)

I’m impressed ... can’t you tell?

This was part of a study obviously you can interpret it as you wish.

Wow, @Bay0Wulf, did you have a bad experience with a therapist? Do you have a little shrine devoted to her/him in your closet? Hahaha, yeesh. Strong feelings. Ummm, I don't agree. BUT, I think what you describe definitely exists. It's just not a universal. Psychology is closely related to philosophy--well, the living kind of philosophy. I'm not talking about Philosophy programs that are more like Philosophy History--like Art History isn't art. It sounds like you're talking about counseling, and I think you may have a misunderstanding what counselors do--or what they're supposed to do. The biggest problem with the field is you have way too many people who become counselors as a vocation. It's not another job like retail or restaurant management or marketer. It's just treated as one so universities can make money.


See above

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