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Ignoring Differences Between Men and Women Is the Wrong Way to Address Gender Dysphoria, Kathleen Stock


tigercake 7 Apr 13

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I grew up never thinking about my gender, just my sex. I am whoever I want to be, I wear what I want, but I am a woman because that is my sex.


Gender Dysphoria needs to be addressed in a mental health care facility not imposed on children by leftist enablers who impose their beliefs on vulnerable children


Difference is an odd lens. We pick difference out of an extraordinary amount of similarity, and then we focus on that thing. Even still there's nothing wrong. We go wrong when we attach negative meaning to those differences when there is none. Black skin or brown skin or white skin? Really? That's how we're going to show we're sophisticated? Come on, humans. We can do a way better job of dehumanizing people that skin color--or gender. How about people who don't eat hamburgers? Now, there's a difference worth hating, right Japan? I wonder if we'll ever graduate from being silly? There are differences between men and women and those confused about which one they are. Eliminating 'normal' probably doesn't do us much good. What would do the most good is stripping nonsensical negative judgments from differences. By the way, a real difference that may be worth fighting over is abortion, where groups are actually advantaged/disadvantaged depending. Maybe that's worth fighting over--better than which genitals make you smart...

Well, it’s been proven that both sexes are as equally smart as each other (not that I had any doubt!)! It’s just interests that differ!

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