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I like to celebrate earth day by burning tires and old motor oil. What do you like to do?

militantMom 6 Apr 18

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I sprayed herbicides.


haven't done it yet but I thnk about lining up all my machines, lawn mower, gasoline powered chain saw, hedge trimmer, car, motorcycles, electric power tools in the driveway and letting them all run at the same time just to entertain the house across the street that has the rainbow flag on the porch, the coexist bumper sticker, the love Trumps hate sticker, the Hillary-Kaine sticker, the Bernie sticker all on their lime green Prius parked in their driveway.


Pile up stumps from clearing trees for a bonfire, shoot guns into the air, drink beer and plenty of fireworks ! No, wait. That's every day.


Grill up some bald eagle and make crystal meth

Spotted owls are less gamey. šŸ˜‰


I live everyday responsibly so I don't do anything out of the ordinary.


I have some old DDT and Dioxin in leaking drums and spray the lawns in my neighborhood! No Mosquitoes!

@EdNason Ya reckon!


Use old oil to kill off weeds on my fence line, do it every earth day so can remember the day to do it.


You know, I've never been "Greenie"

But a certain well known ecology group had an outdoor convention some years back in a wilderness canyon

And left tons of trash literally from canyon wall to canyon wall

I practice and I've taught my children to take your trash out with you. After eating lunch the trash weighs next to nothing and by taking your trash out with you you aren't "trashing" someone else's hike.

My children did one better... They would police other's trash in the area and put it in my backpack.

My Daughter still remembers that day hiking that "trashed" canyon


At 6,750 ft I'm zoned for a fireplace. Nice in winter


We use to burn tires and use old oil to heat the pole barn. now we are in the city, we just enjoy the trash flying around in the breeze and gun fire of the gangs thinking they can out shot and install fear in the city red necks

We used to use old oil to kill weeds. Very Effective


Usually a ton of drugs.......Iā€™m sorry what was the question??


I share your Earth Day celebration traditions.


Get high by sniffin' tires & motor oil lol


Turn all the lights on in the house
Bother people on social media

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