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Who do think would make a better 2024 candidate?


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Boardwine 8 Mar 2

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Alfred E Neuman


Donald Trump despite his popularity and promise is too much of a lightning rod drawing too much ire and resentment from the left and the RINO right who worked assiduously behind the scenes against him the last time out. DeSantis is a safer if not so popular candidate. I fear there would be too much of the "Oh hell no not again" sentiment right out the gate. Better the moron we have now than the return of the competent master we worked so hard to get rid of. Besides, I'm not convinced President Trump can make his own lightning strike twice as much as I'd love to see it for America's sake.


So as not to trigger the Dems and aggravate their TDS, I voted for Desantis. I'm just so considerate and empathetic. Oh...what the hell...Trump 2024!


At this point, DeSantis.

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