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JesusChrist is fake news..? WEF main Character states it so it must be fact..or..fiction? []

YellowPill 7 May 2

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money is our god. everyone wants to be rich. way back a long time ago robin hood took from the rich and gave to the poor. today we do the same thing through taxes.


Don't know how many people around here are old enough to remember when one of the Fab Four - The Beatles - flippantly remarked (paraphrasing) "we're more famous than Jesus" - well that is the gist of his comment. T'was circa 1963 I believe when one of the lads uttered those scandalous words.

Anyhow It stirred up a LOT anger and hate toward the lads from Liverpool. Christians all over the world were outraged for this heresy so boldly and publicly stated.

Today people say all manner of vulgar and sacrilegious things about God, Christians, Jews, Mormons, Baptists...pretty much every religious system except for Islam. You could lose your head (literally) if you are known to have slandered Mohammad and the Mullahs.

Yes for the most part the West has become Godless. The "new religion" in all practical sense is Hedonism. The pursuit of pleasure. Every day of our lives must be pleasurable to the senses - visually, aurally, touchy feelly...sexually stimulating mentally un-challenging and with minimal effort put forth.

Does anyone suppose this might have something to do with how we (USA) came to this point? This time of impending societal and economic collapse?

We have a POTUS who is literally an "idiot" (idiot is a clinical term BTW) and a VP who is a mental midget and morally vacuous...How did we get here?
Any ideas?


Marxism is incompatible with Belief in God.

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