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Does Biden Know He's President? He Gives Himself Wrong Title, Tries to Quickly Cover It Up via @WestJournalism []

JohnBurke 8 Aug 6

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No - Biden from one moment to the next has no functional understanding of his "title" as POTUS and the same of almost every other aspect of his daily life.
His cognitive functionality is obviously compromised to the extreme.
As a man who was the sole and long term caregiver of his wife I recognize the symptoms of Alzheimers Disease in Joe Biden. He is in the advanced stage of that disease.
I heard someone on a radio say "Biden clearly is not driving this car" in reference to the administrative / executive Branch of Government. I unequivocally agree with that metaphor.

I also believe that the recent announcement(s) of Joe Biden being diagnosed with COVID and his "still working, carrying out the duties of his office in isolation" is a ruse.

I believe this is a clever way to get Joe Biden out of the picture without formally removing him from Office and subsequently having to give the POTUS title to the likes of Kamala Harris - God forbid!
I for one think this is a "good thing".

If my instincts on this matter are accurate I hope they are able to carry it on until either the 2024 General Election or a total purge of the entire "Biden/Harris administration - cabinet members and all before then.Which I believe is highly unlikely to happen.

Is this going to happen?

@JohnBurke I see it as definitely within the realm of possibility. Except for this. I believe the people who are running gov't behind Joe Biden are a collection of Obama people. Valarie Jarrett, the Podestas, Barack himself and others. I believe there is a great deal of animosity between the Obama crowd and the Clintons. Especially Hillary Clinton.
I think it is more likely they have a Black Female in mind - not named Kamala Harris for that possible eventuality.
The question is - how are they going to remove Kamala before any of this can happen? I believe assassination is out of the question. So by what method or mechanism could they accomplish that. Any ideas?

@iThink I hope this does not come true

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