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All hospitals in #Canada are EMPTY. #Covid was used as a way to save hundreds of millions in operating costs by having a 'legit' reason to keep people out. There is NO emergency, CTV is lying AGAIN on behalf of Jihadi Justin's agenda - #CTV is FAKE NEWS!

KevinJJohnston 7 Nov 5

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Ya, no, they are not all empty, at least the ones I have personally seen in Ottawa since May. Certainly both the heart and cancer institutes have a steady business. And so far as general emergency room intake, the few times I have been in there, it was standing room only. Notwithstanding this, I have no doubt this Covid narrative has been far overblown.


We'll know eventually how many people died because they couldn't get treatment in empty hospitals. If the people of Canada haven't removed those responsible by then, I'll assume that's how they want it.

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